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The Island of Borakar


Borakar is a large island that lies between Ithria and Qeshir. This large rugged island is mostly covered in dense jungle and has a single small mountain in the northern half.

Borakar is the source of many legends because this place is the home of dinosaurs. These great hulking reptilian beasts of every imaginable shape and size roam the entire island freely. Anyone foolish enough to land here and venture into the jungle is taking a terrible risk. It is not known whether or not these are the products of same crazed wizard, a natural evolutionary tangent, a forgotten weapon from the Great War or perhaps a side effect of the Drellis Effect. No formal studies have been conducted and the first three expeditions sent to explore this island failed to return. It is considered a very dangerous region. Most mariners know to avoid it.

There have been several attempts to colonize Borakar over the last 500 years. All attempts have failed and every colony established has been wiped out in less than a month. The monsters roaming this island turn any colonists into a quick meal. At present, no government lays claim to Borakar.


Borakan Spice Crystals

In 2701 CY, the Viceroy, a Drakkellian merchant ship was forced onto Borakar during a storm and was damaged on a reef. While repairs were made to the ship, a part of the crew explored the island and discovered the fabulous crystals in a series of natural hot springs. Although four crew members died when the party was attacked by a dinosaur, the survivors managed to return to the ship with their crystalline treasure intact. When the crystals were brought back to the mainland, an analysis of the crystals discovered that they had powerful narcotic properties. It was not long before that information found itself to the underworld and soon the drug was available on the streets of several cities and towns. Due to the smell, the crystals quickly became known as spice crystals.

Over the last fourteen years, the spice crystals of Borakar have become common knowledge. Several groups have become interested in harvesting spice crystals from the island to promote a profitable drug trade in the larger cities. However, because Borakar is such a dangerous place, few have the courage or resources to even attempt a mission to the island to harvest the crystals. More than half of the people that venture into the jungle of this island never come out. At present, only a few organizations have managed to  successfully retrieve spice crystals in any sizeable quantity. Although it's a dangerous trade, a successful shipment can bring in quite a bit of wealth.


The Puwala Tribes

There Puwala are a primitive race of humans that inhabit the island of Borakar. They have copper colored skin, black hair and brown eyes. Puwala means "island people" in their language. Most scholars agree that the Puwala are a displaced Myrian tribe that left Myria several centuries ago. There are now fifteen separate Puwala tribes on the island. In general, these tribes are xenophobic and will attack outsiders on sight. The tribes are aggressive and territorial. They often wage war upon each other. Some of the more notorious tribes include the Boja who paint their faces, the Cayu renowned for their skill with bows and the Yami who fight with poison tipped spears.

The Puwala tribes worship a nature deitiy named Kuako. He is seen as the maker of the world and the father of all the Puwala tribes. The shamans dwell separately from the tribes. They live in a temple carved from the living stone at the top of the island's sole mountain. Within the temple is a central altar and an idol... a crafted thing of clay and metal. Within this vessel is the blood of the Kuako. It is their most holy relic.

The chief shaman is Kuwata, an ancient priest who holds great sway over all the shamans and all of the tribes. Tribal warfare is put aside when the shamans come down from their mountain.


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