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The seas of Khoras are dotted with untold thousands of islands. Many of these are no more than a coral reef, a hump of sandy rock and a few hardy plants. There are, however,  a few dozen major islands which warrant a more thorough discussion. These are the islands marked on mariners' maps and serve as points of navigation. Many are home to fragments of civilization - small outposts, trading ports, primitive tribes and the like.

Abadan Island

This island is home to many independent bathynian fishing villages that band together, but are not associated with a central clan.

Abalen Island

A large island which is home to several karthasian hive-cities.

Anne’s Isle

Anne's Isle is a collection of bathynian villages which are clanless. However, a powerful female warrior has united the villages into a tiny kingdom and has declared herself Queen. Some 4,000 people live on the island under the tyrannical rule of Queen Anne and her company of soldiers. Queen Anne is concentrating on building up her small army and becoming a political power in the region. However, Anne's Island is not currently recognized as a nation by any major political entity. She has a long way to go. Queen Anne has declared war on the other Bathynian clans and has declared that she will behead the other clan leaders and unite all of Bathynia under her rule. Lofty goals for someone who only controls one tiny island so far.

Argren’s Isle

Named for the captain who first put it on the sea charts. A large island which the Myrians use as a training ground. Some tribes will send young warriors here for a ceremonial hunt to gain their manhood.

Balsiger Isles

All three of these islands are choked with thick jungle vegetation and many dangerous beasts roam here. The smallest of these three islands is home to a large nest of hive spiders. The sun bleached wrecks of ships that set ashore here lie on the beaches, their crews having discovered the horrible truth too late.

Birrum’s Island

Named after the captain who first landed here. This large island is home to a small nation of mandalar. There are only about 10,000 mandalar dwelling here on Birrum Island. The mandalar of this island generally dislike all other races and prefer to be left alone. They will attack any who set foot on their island. They are competent sailors and sail and fish the waters around their island in crude vessels.


A large island completely covered in dense jungle. This island is home to dinosaurs. These great hulking reptilian beasts of every imaginable shape and size will hunt any foolish enough to land here. It is not known whether or not these are the products of same crazed wizard, a natural evolutionary tangent, a forgotten weapon from the Great War or perhaps a side effect of the Drellis Effect. No formal studies have been conducted and the last three expeditions to this island failed to return. It is considered a very dangerous region. Most mariners know to avoid it. 

Brymal, Isle of

The Isle of Brymal dominates the center of Ramalan Bay on the northwest coast of Qeshir. This warm, balmy island is a hotly contested body that has seen numerous battles. The conflict between various petty warlords, clans and other forces in the area have shed much blood on this island. Both Anquar and Padashan are interested in controlling Brymal as a strategic naval center.

Cendreil Island

This island paradise is warm and temperate despite it's northern location. It is a sacred place kept and protected by the Etharan elves. When Etharan elves reach a certain age, they often come to Cendreil to die in peace. Some of the most ancient mystic ceremonies of the Etharan elves are conducted on this island. This entire island is a holy sanctuary of the Etharan elves.

Eastern Jades

A group of three major islands surrounded by dozens of tiny islets. The Eastern Jades are home to a number of small communities. The population here is a mix of vaullian, saridian and human. The Eastern Jades are considered part of Sarid.

Fire Isles

The Fire Isles refer to a group of volcanic tropical islands that litter the sea between Aggradar and Qeshir. They are the home of thirteen primitive human tribes of hunter/gatherers. These tribes constantly war with each other. Collectively, the various peoples of the Fire Isles are known as the alakabu and this term is used by scholars who discuss the Fire Isles. The Fire Isles are the source of fabulous legends, stories of cannibals and tales of human sacrifice. Rare spices and exotic plants and animals are brought from the isles to far corners of the world.

Forlorn Island

A desolate windswept land of rocky shores and broad grasslands in the interior. There are no permanent settlements on this island and little of value here.

Granath Island

This large island is perpetually shrouded in mist and cloud. The island is riddled with hundreds of geothermal vents which continuously vent noxious gases and volcanic ash from beneath the surface. Granath Island has several very active volcanoes at its center. The whole island is unstable and wracked with frequent land quakes. Mariners often refer to this island as "The Isle of Mist" and "Isle of Dragon's Breath". Granath Island is home to fire drakes, one colony of hive spiders and a variety of other dangerous beasts.

Hadikar, Isle of

A snow covered island of barren rock and icy winds. Little vegetation grows here. The sea around this island is full of penguins, seals and orcas. On the island itself, there is little animal life beyond a particularly hardy species of fur covered seagull. 

Hadley Island

Hadley Island lies off the west coast of Ithria. It is home to a loose confederation of fishing villages. Most of the people here are of Bathynian descent, although there are some westerners, dwarves, phellysians and even avarians. Hadley island is something of a melting pot and all are welcome. Currently, Hadley Island is having to repel small raids from Anne's Isle. No central government rules here. These are rough frontier towns and can be somewhat lawless. However, for the most part, these are quiet fishing villages, free of taxation from any government. People look after their own here.


Hamish is home to a handful of small bathynian villages. This island is used as the launch point for bathynian ships raiding the Talis coastline. Because the phellysians do not sail the sea, the bathynians are able to operate shipyards and ports here with no interference.

Haskov Island

The island of Haskov is mostly woodland and much timber harvesting is conducted here. Logging roads wind their way through much of the hilly interior of the island. On the coast of this island a number of tiny fishing villages. The main town on the island is Haskov which is built around a large central harbor and a number of shipyards. Haskov's shipyards used to produce all imperial ships and some bitterness exists over the fact that the contracts have been moved to Mercia. Now, the shipyards produce smaller boats, perform repairs and strive for technological innovations.

Horak Island

This barren rocky land is home to a secretive warrior monk society that jealously guards the island and its privacy. It is said that these warrior monks dwell in a city sized mountain fortress at the center of the island. They will kill any who set foot on the island. Ships that venture too close to this island risk being attacked by the monks who fish these waters in their own sleek craft. These warriors have a rigid hierarchical rank structure, live a militant lifestyle and practice their martial skills daily. They settle disputes and promotions through formal arena combat.

Ile Scholerum

Ile Scholerum is a huge island which is jointly shared by the Vaullian and Saridian governments. The island is home to several massive academies that cater to vaullians and saridians. It's name means "the island of scholars".


A large beautiful island of open grasslands, sandy beaches and tall cliffs. This island is, for the most part, uninhabited. On the south coast, there are ruins of a large town. It is likely that some ancient empire that preceded the Great War once held an outpost here.

Krog’s Rock

According to seafarers, this island is home to a giant named Krog who does not take kindly to any who land on "his" island. If reports are accurate, he stands almost 25 feet tall and is likely a giant of the ogre race. He wears a belt of human skulls as a bandolier and eats the flesh of his victims. He is occasionally seen fishing in a giant sized sailing vessel.

Lerobar Island

Lerobar Island has a tragic history and is intimately tied to the Chaddamar Theocracy. In 2085 CY, a great plague swept through the Chaddamar Theocracy. The church of Chaddamar blamed the evils in the Desolation and declared that the sick must be sent away to await the judgment of the gods. The sick were rounded up and sent into exile on Lerobar Island. Plague camps, filled with the dying, littered the island. Mass grave sites became common. The military of the ever growing Chaddamarian church made sure that no one sent to the island ever set foot off of it. The plague camps slowly became more permanent and civilized establishments. After various cures were found, the plague was conquered. However, those on Lerobar was not allowed to return. The Chaddamarians saw them as "unclean". It was decided that the Lerobarians should stay on the island and never be allowed to return. Over the decades, Lerobar Island became a convenient place for the Church to exile anyone whom they wished to simple get rid of. Political prisoners, prisoners of war, dissidents, heretics and anyone who opposed the faith found themselves sent here. To be sent to Lerobar was,  essentially, to be exiled. There was no reprieve, no return.

A revolt on Lerobar in 2247 led to a full rebellion in which the people of Lerobar threw of the shackles of the oppressive government.  At the bloody battle of Shaker Bay, the Church was taught a hard lesson. The people of Lerobar obtained their freedom and grudging respect from the Church. Lerobar is now something of an oddity - not a separate nation, but certainly a fiercely independent province at the least.

Little Vasar

A private island owned by Sevro Ilar Yarran Keb, the wealthiest saridian in the nation. A shrewd businessman and well known inventor, Sevro Keb has amassed a fortune and purchased the island from the government years ago. He now maintains a vast estate here along with a private army and small fleet of ships. He also leases out sections of the island to other wealthy saridians who have their own private estates here. Little Vasar is, in some ways, his own personal tiny nation.


Named so because it is almost exactly half way between Ithria and Qeshir. Midland has a troubled history. It has been attacked and occupied by different nations over the past 2000 years. On the west coast are the ruins of a major city, probably Thullian or Traxxian judging by the architecture. Midland is now a small, isolated land which is home to a dozen small independent fishing villages. These villages are of mixed heritage, many of which count pirates, outcasts, sea gypsies and escaped criminals among their population. These small but hardy villages have survived and thrived for several hundred years. Although independent, they do band together to repel invaders. Midland has successfully shaken off annexation and conquest by Rukemia, Padashan and Anquar. Although of some strategic value due to its location, these three major nations have decided that Midland is simply not worth the trouble to conquer. If ever war were to break out between them, however, this could change.

Mountain Top Isle

The Mountain Top Isle (sometimes called the Surviving Island) is the only body of land within the Captured Sea. Long ago, this was the peak of a mountain which subsequently sank into the waters when the sea formed from the landquakes of the World Storm. The ruins of an Irenni city still stand on the southern shore. The island is claimed by Arkalia.

Nadzam Island

Years ago, a pirate ship wrecked on the coastline of this island. Captain Nadzam and his crew set up a small camp. When other ships found them, some left, others chose to stay. Over time, the camp has built several permanent structures and has transformed itself into something of a frontier town. Nadzam Town is now home to some 700 thieves, pirates, bandits and other assorted criminals. Nadzam rules the town a bit like a mayor. Officially, this village is not recognized by any government. For many ships, this is the last tiny bit of civilization before heading out to deep sea.

North Otak

North Otak and South Otak islands are military bases where permanents garrisons of the vaullian army and saridian navy are stationed. The military forces here are a mixed vaullian-saridian force and are sworn to protect Ile Scholerum from any threat.

Omatad Island

This snow covered icy land is said to be home to a single great beast - a monstrous fur covered terror that hunts anything it can catch. Sailors spin tall tales about the creature and give it the name "omatad", which in the Tomarin tongue, means "land shaker".


Ookarat lies northwest of the Sybren Imperium. This massive island is owned and operated by the Sybren military. Soldiers of all types are sent here by the thousand to train. Survival training, tactical exercises and whole mock war games are fought out here between massive armies as part of the Imperium's continuing push for military might. This island is off limits to non-military personnel. It's shores are patrolled by military ships. Visiting royalty from the Imperium sometimes stay at a great palatial estate here and are treated to private parades of soldiers in formation. The island is doted with military camps, fortresses and large training grounds. Several small coastal fishing villages have sprung up here to conduct fishing, farming, harvesting lumber and other activities to help support the military.

Petran’s Isle

This island is the home of a powerful sorcerer named Petran. He lives here alone - no servants, no slaves, no armies.... just a lonely tower on the coast of this small isle. Mariners avoid sailing too close to this island. Rumors claim that this wizard made a pact with a powerful demon for immortality, and was instead cursed. Everything he touches dies, he himself is a walking corpse. His exile is self-imposed, they say.

Qaiden Island

A beautiful island that is shared by several races. Avarians, elves, humans, bathynians and even some dwarves live here in small, mixed communities.

Sayre Island

Sayre Island is the largest of the "Pirate Isles". It is home to more than three dozen small farming and fishing villages.

Sollok Island

This island is claimed by the Kingdom of Anquar although some political tension exists as Sollokians resist the central Anquaran government. The anquaran town of Kannor resides here. Sollok Island is a temperate region known for fishing and seamanship. It experiences mild seasons and has many fruit orchards and vineyards in its interior.


Similar to Hadley Island, Sornok island has a few isolated fishing villages with no central government. The people of Sornok and Hadley share a similar cultural and racial mix.

South Otak

One of the two military controlled islands that protect Ile Scholerum.

Tembrul’s Island

This fabled island lies almost exactly in the middle of the Mad Seas. This island is considered cursed as are the Mad Seas about it. The Mad Seas are a dangerous place, full of storms, rogue waves and unpredictable currents. This island is said to pull ships toward it where they are wrecked upon shallow rocks and shoals. Dozens of ships have been wrecked upon the shores of this island. Many ships venturing near to this isle have simply vanished without a trace. This island is part of the reason the Mad Seas have such a reputation and why mariners fear to venture too far out in it.

Temolok's Island

A very beautiful idyllic paradise just off the coast of Rukemia. Morcrest is a vacation spot for wealthy imperial citizens. Most villages are situated on high cliffs overlooking white sandy beaches and clear waters. Imperial nobles and statesmen often have second homes on this fabulously wealthy island. The town of Morcrest boasts one of the best magical academies in the Empire.

Three Maidens

These large islands are the playground of the wealthiest imperial nobles of the Sybren Imperium. The largest island is the private resort of the imperial royal family. These islands are strictly off limits to foreigners and common citizens of the empire. They are guarded by the military and their coastlines are patrolled by fast naval warships.

Treleb’s Rock

This small island is avoided by mariners. It is said that this was once a beautiful island before the Great War and home to several small villages. During the war, it was hit by a terrible weapon, a devastating magical spell which laid waste to the whole island. The villages were wiped out and not a soul survived. To this day, the island is a lifeless rock still irradiated by the magical energies of the weapon. Ships passing too close to this island will be affected - the crew will become sick, food will rot, animals will become wild. Mariners give this island a wide berth and no one is known to have set foot here in centuries. Most people believe that Treleb's Rock is a death zone. Anyone who sets foot here dies. Most people don't want to test the theory and leave this place alone.

Vasar Isle

Vasar Isle is the territory of the saridians and is claimed by the Commonwealth of Saridia. It is home to several small villages. Dumalin is a major naval port and is defended by a permanent government contracted mercenary group of 200 soldiers. Saridia maintains vast agricultural lands here as well as orchards and vineyards. Wealthy saridians maintain private residences on the eastern half.

Wayward Isle

Few ships have visited this out of the way island. It is home to one abnormally large karthasian hive ruled over by two queens, an almost unheard of phenomenon. This hive community is very aggressive and does not tolerate intruders.

West Jade

A small island between the Eastern Jades and Sarid. West Jade is the home of several major Saridian academies.


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