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Crystals refer to any mineral which is primarily crystalline in nature. Most crystals are translucent and many are self-illuminated. Mages have found that crystals often have formed in the presence of great cosmic energies have unique properties that allow them to interact with the magic of the world.

Power Crystals
A powerfully charged crystalline compound that can be used to power spells and magic items.

Morphian Stone

A rare, deep red gemstone that radiates light which prevents morphians from shape shifting.

Drellisian Crystal

This deep blue crystal which radiates a form of magical "static" which interferes with spells.

Life Crystal

A rare, bluish translucent crystal that reacts to the energy of living creatures.
Spell Singer

A crystal which vibrates and glows in the presence of magical energy.

Sunder Shards
Sunder Shards are pieces of the original "Core Crystal" which was used by Alliance Mage Lords during the Focusing ritual some 2000 years ago. Due to the cataclysmic energies of the Sundering, these crystalline shards are intensely irradiated with magical energies.
Glowstones are a naturally occurring crystal that absorb light and re-radiates it over hours as a soft glow.
Fyrren Crystals
A rare crystal found only in Fyrren's Wandering in central Aggradar. Known to absorb magical energy in the area, weakening spells. 
Borakan Spice Crystals
A rare crystalline solid found in natural hot springs on the island of Borakar. Can be ground into a fine amber powder that has powerful euphoric and narcotic effects on living creatures. Spice crystals are a highly addictive and very valuable street drug found in many nations in Ithria and Qeshir.
Shard Stones
A beautiful, bluish crystalline mineral found only in the Shard Wastelands. It is brittle and shatters into long, slender, razor-sharp shards.


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