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Spellsinger Crystal

Common Name Spellsinger
Alchemical Name Methkari
Color Varies
Transparency 30%
Self-Illuminating Yes, varies
Frequency Uncommon
Value 10 gp per gram

The spellsinger crystal, also known as the methkari crystal, is a natural essence resonator. It is sensitive to and responds to magical fields by amplifying the energy it collects. Therefore, whenever a spellsinger crystal comes near to a magical field, it will glow and vibrate, producing a clear tone. The intensity of the tone and the glow is directly proportional to the strength of the magical field. The color and the frequency of the tone aids in identifying the type of magic. Multiple types of magic woven together into a spell or energy field can produce multiple colors and tones in unison.

Those who are skilled in the use of this crystal can identify specific characteristics of the magic based on the glow and tone of this crystal. Very strong magical fields have been known to shatter these crystals. Small crystals are more prone to shattering while larger pieces of the crystal are better able to tolerate stronger magical fields.

When not exposed to any magical energy fields, the crystal is completely clear. The methkari crystal is a useful non-magical way to detect magic. For this reason, the Kalimurans mine and utilize these crystals extensively. Thieves sometimes use them to detect magical traps. Wizards often use methkari crystals to help focus their magic, for research and for meditation.

There are rumors that some very powerful wizards have deviced ways to create spells and magical effects which do not cause spellsinger crystals to react. Such "cloaked" spells can not be detected by other spells as well.


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