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Common Name Lifestone, Life Crystal Life Crystal (Firlyncris)
Alchemical Name Firlyncris
Color Blue
Transparency 45%
Self-Illuminating Varies
Frequency Rare
Value 40 gp per gram

A rare, bluish translucent crystal that is often found in shards. This crystal will glow a bluish purple color and vibrate, producing a tone, whenever it is brought near a living creature. The effective range of this sensitivity increases with the size of the crystal and the strength of the life force is it detecting (i.e. multiple creatures as opposed to one). A slightly different tone and color is produced with different species of creatures. These crystals do not react to undead. If brought within an area of strong life energy (for instance, if brought into the midst of a large crowd) there is a chance the lifestone may shatter. Lead effectively shields this crystal from stimulation.


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