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Morphian Stone

Common Name Morphian Stone, Morphstone
Alchemical Name Chrylomar
Color Red
Transparency Opaque
Frequency Very Rare
Local Anywhere
Typical Value 100 gp per gram

Morphian stone is a rare, deep red precious stone with a metallic appearance. Morphian stone radiates a weak electromagnetic field that is detectable by spells. It is known that this radiant energy prevents morphians from shape shifting. A morphian of average strength and skill will be rendered unable to shapeshift when within 10 meters of a morphian stone and will have difficulty shapeshifting within 100 meters. The effect decreases inversely with distance.

This mineral does not form because of geological processes. Rather, morphian stone is actualy the bodily remains of a dead morphian. When a morphian dies, its body returns to its natural form- that of a translucent red protoplasmic gel. After death, this gel contracts and crystallizes into this brilliant red stone. The process takes about twelve hours and must take place in the presence of oxygen. It will not work underwater, in mud, etc.


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