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Drellisian Crystal

Common Name Drellisian Crystal
Alchemical Name Drellisite
Color Blue
Transparency 45%
Self Illuminating Yes, dimly
Frequency Rare
Typical Value 250 gp per gram

Drelliste appears as an intensely blue crystalline substance that glows naturally from within. This deep blue crystal is saturated with dark essence and radiates such in its light. The mere proximity of such a crystal disrupts the flow of magic and causes magical essence to curdle like sour milk. Drellisite is formed when certain crystals are exposed to dark essence for a great length of time. Drellisite, like Kirrallite, forms in shallow rock and caves near the surface. This stone is referred to as Takyran Holy Stone by the baenites and is an important element of Ashali mysticism and is associated with their sun god, Takyr.

A drellisite crystal can unravel defensive spells, protective auras and the like. A thief so armed can sneak into a wizard's tower and not fear the wizard's protective spells. Such a stone can even the playing field. A smart warrior or thief can use a drellisian crystal to deal with magic without magical skill.

Drellisite crystals are rare and quite valuable. They emerge from the ground in rocky shells similar to geodes. Once broken free from its stony shell, a drellisian crystal has only a limited life span. The life span of the embedded crystal, as well as the intensity of its anti-magic radiation, is directly proportianal to its size. Wizards and scholars rank drellisite crystals on a scale from rank 1 to rank 10 based on size. The smallest crystals are no larger than a pebble and their weak magic reaches out only a short distance, able only to disturb the weakest magicks. Most crystals are the size of a clenched fist and work well against most common spells and magic items. There are stories of much larger crystals with vast and potent energies that can unravel the most powerful spells. The life span of most crystals is measured in months. The larger the crystal, the longer it lasts. At the conclusion of this time period, the crystal will rapidly diminish, plummeting from full power to completely inert within a handful of days. It is said that minor fluctuations in the glow foretell the imminent collapse of the crystal's energies.

Wizards prize these stones as they are valuable in spell research and the crafting of enchanted items. However, in such cases, the crystals are usually kept in lead-lined chests. The radiant energy from these crystals not only unravels spell energy, but also makes mages feel sick whilst they have any spell energy within them.

Drellisian crystals are sometimes worked into jewelry, necklaces and even mounted on manacles. Such manacles are very effective at binding a wizard and preventing him from casting any spells, but such manacles are rare.


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