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Power Crystals or Arkulyte

Common Name Power Crystals
Alchemical Name Arkulyte
Color Reddish Purple
Transparency Semi-transparent (25%)
Self Illuminating Yes
Frequency Rare
Value 500 gp per gram


Arkulyte is a rare crystalline compound that only forms under conditions of very high heat and pressure. It is found only in a few places near the equator and always in small quantities. Individual pieces of arkulyte are often called "power crystals" among wizards and other spell casters.

Power crystals are irradiated with magical energy. A single crystal can be used by a mage to fuel many spells or power a magic item for weeks before it is expended. Power crystals deteriorates as it is used and, therefore, cannot be recharged as orichalcum can. A depleted power crystal appears as a dull grayish glassy shard of stone.

Power crystals are unstable compared to orichcalcum. A power crystal subjected to a violent impact may explode and unleash all of its energy at once.

Power Crystals and Society

Although rare, it is not uncommon to find a power crystal at a local mages guild or even for sale by an individual mage. The cost is usually quite high. Depending on the size, a typical crystal may range in cost from 500 gp to 5,000 gp. There are some mages that will go to great lengths to obtain the valuable crystals for spell use, laboratory experimentation and as a power source for magic items, golems and such. The use of arkulyte crystals is considered to be the mark of an inferior wizard by some mages and an unfair advantage by others. In any case, one may be able to find a power crystal for sale in a major city, but it will not be cheap.

Power Crystal Addiction

It is known that the use of arkulyte carries some risk with it. Although the individual crystals themselves are safe for experimentation and research, using crystals to power spells directly is very addictive - more so that orichalcum. Any mage who relies too much on arkulyte runs a risk of suffering ill effects. Little is known of "crystal addiction" as the crystals are so rare and expensive that very few mages could afford it in such quantities. It is generally known that there are different stages to the addiction. In the beginning of the addiction,  the mage will begin having difficulty formulating a spell without using a power crystal to fuel it. In the second stage, the addicted mage must use a power crystal in every spell, at least partially, or he/she can't form the spell. In the third stage, a power crystal must be used exclusively to fuel the spell or the spell will be greatly limited and reduced in power. It is likely that continued abuse will cause dire consequences. It is believed that such addiction can be overcome with time and rest away from spell casting. No formal studies have been conducted regarding crystal addiction or its treatment. Wizards are advised to use power crystals with restraint.

Myth and Legend

There are rumors of a great concentration of arkulyte in eastern Qeshir. According to travelers that have visited the region, there are primitive tribes there that adorn themselves with gemstones of arkulyte and light their dwellings with it. There are also terrible stories of a wrathful god whose slaves toil in poisonous mines for power crystals. However, one should not put too much stock in travelers' tales. These stories may be due to mistranslations and exaggerated retellings.

There was supposedly a great mine called Kalrothis in the Traxx Legion. Crystals from this mine provided Traxxian battle mages with additional power and helped the Legion win the Great War. The location of Kalrothis was a well guarded secret throughout the war and its location seems to have been lost when the Legion broke apart. It is now only a footnote in history books. Whatever became of this once great crystal mine is unknown...


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