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Common Name Glowstones
Alchemical Name Oblaryn
Color Yellow
Transparency 15%
Self-Illuminating Yes, see below
Frequency Common
Value 1 cp per gram

Glowstones are a naturally occurring crystal that absorb light and re-radiates it over hours. It usually absorbs solar energy during the day and then glows all night. Glowstones are easy to cut and shape. They are often incorporated into jewelry, architecture and magic items. They can be found on all three continents. They are non-magical. Their ability to absorb and re-radiate light is a physical property of the crystal. For each hour of full daylight they absorb, they will glow for about a day afterwards. Therefore, just 30 minutes of direct sunlight is enough for the stone to glow all night. A full day's worth of sunlight on a glowstone will allow it to glow for almost a week. This glow gradually fades until its charge is depleted. A glowstone can be reused several hundred times before chemical changes in the crystal cause it to gradually lose its ability to glow.

Glowstones are sometimes used as light sources in castles, temples, subterranean places and the like. They are more expensive than simple torches or lanterns, but have the advantage of never needing fuel and only need to be replaced every year or so. However, instead of consuming lamp oil, they do need to be taken into daylight and "charged" every day for at least a couple of hours... a routine duty for common servants. Glowstones are considered an item of social status and wealth in many parts of the world. The glowstone is particularly popular in the city of Vogue and throughout Carrikos.

Glowstones are rare in the north of Ithria and considered much more valuable. The borrellians prize glowstones for their ability to provide smokeless light during the long dark nights of the winter. Glowstones will typically fetch 2 to 3 times the price in Borrell.

The dwarves use glowstones a great deal to light their underground cities.

A typical glowstone used to light a dungeon tunnel or a castle corridor would be roughly the size of a man's clenched fist, would weigh about 500 grams and be worth about 5 gold pieces. Such a stone will cast light out to about 10 meters. They are often locked or bracketed into place to prevent theft. Most often, a glowstone is cut and polished to a perfect sphere to provide even lighting. However, on occasion, they are cut to specific sizes and shapes. Larger glowstones are worth more, not only because of their greater light output, but also because they can be re-cut to produce new stones. If struck by a hard blow, a glowstone will shatter into rubble and dust. The rubble of a shattered glowstone will still glow, but is worth much less. Also, the rubble of a glowstone tends to "burn out" and become inert much quicker than a whole stone.


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