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Shard Mountain Troll

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Polar
Frequency Rare
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

Shard mountain trolls are huge, white furred, beastly humanoids. A shard mountain troll stands 3 meters tall (about 10 feet), is covered in a thick, wrinkled hide of grey skin which bears shaggy white fur in most places.. Horny plating covers much of the beasts shoulders, head and back. Thick shaggy white fur covers the arms, legs, chest and stomach. It's massive head flows into its shoulders with virtually no neck. These trolls fight with horns, claws and spiked tail. They have a deep growl and are capable of tremendous roars. The Tomarin often hear the roars of a shard mountain troll echoing off of the mountainous walls of the Shards late at night. Against the heavy snow drifts, a shard mountain troll blends in extremely well.



The shard mountain troll is a fearsome opponent. It is closely related to the trolls of Ithria and shares many of its physical characteristics. Like Ithrian trolls, shard mountain trolls apparently do not feel pain and can withstand amazing amounts of damage before dying.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

These trolls are named for their geography. They are found mainly in the Iron States, throughout the Shard Mountains. There have been reports of encounters with these trolls on the islands off the shores of that land as well - Omatad Island and the Isle of Hadikar. They have been encountered in the arctic wastes of the extreme north as well. Shard mountain trolls are known to the borrellians as well, who call them the "children of Uthalgrim".

Shard mountain trolls are communal creatures, but have an extremely primitive society. They band together in small groups, led by the strongest male. They use only stone tools and weapons. A typical troll warrior will use a stone or large bone to beat an opponent to death. They also use their natural weaponry - claw, horns and tail - to good effect. Shard mountain trolls seem to communicate with each other with rudimentary grunts, growls and barks. Whether or not this constitutes a language is open for debate.


Shard mountain trolls eat raw meat and have been known to turn on each other. They dwell in large caves in the Shard Mountains.


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