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Sarthak (the term is both plural and singular) are a hideous race of underground dwelling, intelligent, vaguely humanoid creatures. A Sarthak appears as a large, bloated hunchbacked humanoid with a tremendously bloated body, thin arms and legs, claw like hands and a small, skull like head that hangs forward from a long neck. The pale skin of the sarthak is pasty and exudes a foul stench.

Sarthak are a race of skilled sorcerers and powerful telepaths. Sarthak rarely enter combat themselves, preferring to use their mental domination to force other creatures to fight for them. When they are forced into direct combat, they hurl heavy objects at their opponents telekinetically. Sarthak telepathy allows them to fight much more effectively since they know what their opponent is going to do. Sarthak have also been known to become invisible, insubstantial, and levitate themselves in battle.

The dreaded Sarthak are ferocious masters of the underground. They dwell in large cities where hundreds of these alien creatures may be found. These cities are usually found in zone 2 and 3 of the underworld. The largest of these cities serves as the sarthak capital city. It is known as Buranzakar. It is built upon a stony island that lies at the center of a great underground sea. Some 15,000 sarthak and over 300,000 slaves call it home.

They delight in torture and slavery. They are also masters of poison brewing and alchemy. Slaves often find themselves the subjects of experimentation. Sarthak are fascinated by the mechanics of biological organisms and the minds that drive them. The Sarthak Life Creation Experiments is a continuing campaign of research aimed at producing magical and biological constructions which the Sarthak can control and use. Sarthak occasionally raid the surface for prisoners and supplies. Sarthak enjoy enslaving other races. They often capture and train dythillin to serve as pit fighters and guards.

Sarthak cannot tolerate the sun (they raid the surface only at night) and so dwell underground. There, they rule supreme. It was the Sarthak (along with hordes of dythillin warriors) that fought the War of Caverns with the dwarves and forced them to abandon Mordia. Sarthak have no qualms about destroying or modifying their environment. They create and destroy at will. They hunt and eat anything they choose. They have a remarkable impact on the area in which they dwell.


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