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Scrub Rats

Scrub rats appear as short (3' tall) humanoids with thin limbs, pot-bellies, leathery brown skin and rodent-like faces. Their heads are crowned by two large triangular ears which stick out to either side. Scrub rats have a proto-language which consists of barks and screeches which analysis shows to be a very basic means of communicating simple ideas - food, water, enemy, danger. Despite having the beginnings of a rudimentary language, scrub rats are extremely primitive and some scholars argue that they should be classified as animals, not a lesser race. Overall, they are dirty, smelly creatures of low intelligence.

Scrub rats have mastered fire building and tools, but have not progressed much past stones and sharpened sticks. Most scrub rats fight with crude spears and thrown rocks. They are agile and quick, but lack strength. In general, they are cowardly creatures and will only fight if the odds are greatly in their favor. They are fascinated with shiny, bright objects and often adorn themselves with painted beads and woven necklaces. They wear simple hide or leather armor and often carry very simple round wooden shields. Scrub rats have not mastered metalwork and any metal weapons in their possession are likely stolen from defeated enemies.

Scrub rats live and hunt in packs of 20-40 led by the strongest male. Scrub rats are primarily concentrated in the southern half of the Sentinel Mountains, but can be found throughout the mountain range and in the Baen Desert.

Scrub rats have no shamans or other spell casters. They have no talent with spells whatsoever and are inherently unmagical. This makes them immune to some kinds of spells. Scrub rats are greatly afraid of magic and will kill spell casters quickly out of fear. They typically carry crude charms with them to protect them against spells (but these charms offer no real protection).

Scrub rats live on desert cacti (from which they obtain nourishment and water), insects, beetles, grubs, larvae and lizards. Captured scrub rats behave like rabid animals and seem to be unable to master any language other than their own primitive dialect of grunts and barks.

The Coalition often enslaves scrub rats and uses them as disposable workers for the most dangerous mining duty.


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