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The skrell are a plague of the underground. They scurry about the shadows of tunnels and caverns like rats. And it is rats they resemble with their furry hides and leathery skin. Their snouts are long as are their tails and the hands and feet, though thin and spindly, bear strong claws. Skrell typically stand about 1.5 meters tall (4 feet) and weigh between 35 to 45 kilograms (75 and 100 pounds.

The skrell band together in tribes led by the strongest male. Depending on the strength of the leader, such a tribe may number as many as one hundred. Both males and females fight and work equally. Tribes boast fearful names and symbols and members take great pride in their tribes. Undoubtedly, that is why there is so much warfare between skrell tribes. These tribes live in natural cave complexes in depth zones two and three. The skrell are not strong enough to make war with sarthak cities but instead make small tactical raids against the bloated sorcerers.

Skrell are very fast and capable of amazing leaps and acrobatic moves. Their small black eyes are almost blind, but the skrell make up for it with their other sense. Long whiskers can detect the slightest shift in air currents. Their sense of smell rivals the finest bloodhound and their hearing is unequalled. Because of this, skrell are perfectly adapted to living and fighting in the dark. In combat, each skrell is capable of expelling a thick, sooty black cloud from their lungs which can be used to mask escapes, blind opponents and generally add to the chaos of battle. The skrell, of course, are unaffected by the clouds.

Skrell are scavengers and bandits. They hunt and steal to survive. While they are decent diggers, their mining skills pale when compared to the dwarves.

Skrell are dirty creatures that are often ridden with lice and fleas. They do not bathe and are little more than animals. Skrell often carry disease (which can be transferred to a victim with a bite or claw wound) and are likewise immune to most natural diseases.

There are old stories that suggest the skrell were created by the sarthak centuries ago as a race of servants. The sarthak used them as miners, laborers and even soldiers. The skrell, however, proved to be too wild and unruly. A fierce rebellion led to the escape of more than a thousand skrell. They have since multiplied greatly and now their vast numbers can only be guessed at.


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