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Swordtip Mushroom

True Name Sorpar
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 5-50
Locale Forests and grasslands
Form Fungus

Physical Description

Swordtip mushrooms are named for their appearance. They are crowned by a tall, thin cap which is tapered and silvery grey. Overall, the mushroom greatly resembles the tip of a sword blade pointing straight up from the ground.

Physical Properties

The swordtip mushroom is edible and has a delicate flavor. It is used in many cultures to flavor sauces, meats and salads. Raw swordtips are bitter. They need to be boiled to bring out the flavor. The swordtip mushroom grows in much of Qeshir and Ithria.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Swordtip mushrooms grow in clusters along the banks of rivers and lakes of Ithria. They tend to grow nestled in nooks and crannies, such as in the shadows of a boulder or a river edge tree. This sometimes makes them difficult to find. They also grow near waterfalls and in shallow caves, where there is moisture in the air.


The swordtip mushroom has a fleshy white stem at it's base which is beneath the soil. This stem is extremely bitter and disgarded by cooks because it is too bitter to consume. However, some healers know that this stem has medicinal properties. The stem must be cleaned, boiled and mashed into a paste. If this paste is eaten, it will reduce fevers and ease pain. To differentiate this healing paste from the culinary paste, alchemists and healers call it "sorpar" from the alchemical name.


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