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Queen Sillar

Age 33 Hair Style Long, curly and styled. 
Race Cambion Hair Color Black
Height 1.88m (6' 2") Eye Color Black
Weight 82.5kg (182 lbs) Distinguishing Marks Small fangs and horns.
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Typically a black leather and bone dress

Profession Queen of Duthelm
Chief Location The Citadel in Duthelm.
Affiliations Knights of the Abyss
Languages Rukemian, Northern, Southern, Thullian, Irenni, Traxxian, Ogre, Orc and Bendothi
Skills Leadership, weapon combat, spell craft, religion, demonology, history, linguistics

Queen Sillar

General Description

Queen Sillar is the ruling queen of Duthelm and the only daughter of Lord Caramus (undoubtedly the child of one of his concubines). Sillar almost never leaves the safety of the Citadel. She is always accompanied by her personal guard (four specially trained soldiers who are magically enchanted to be invulnerable to magic attack) and at least one female servant. When conducting business, she will also be accompanied by a veritable entourage of councilors, advisors, military commanders and priests.

Physical Appearance

Sillar appears mostly human with only the faintest trace of ogre or demon influences in her makeup. She is a tall woman of 31 with an athletic build, but rather a homely face. Despite this, she fancies herself quite beautiful and will not tolerate any suggestion to the contrary. Her raven black hair is worn long. She accentuates her features with black eye makeup and black lipstick. She prefers to adorn herself with jewelry (often of obsidian and bone), elaborate head dresses, long flowing gowns and occasionally bits of armor fashioned from the bones of enemies.


Sillar is an intelligent and educated woman, but acts much like the spoiled girl she is. She balances etiquette and civility with a quick temper and moody disposition. Although not one to through a tantrum, she changes her mind often and indulges in the slightest whim. She exercises with swordplay on living victims. She beheads those who fail her without hesitation. She has her own harem of male slaves and often takes three to bed at once. Her sexual appetite ranges into the bizarre for it is rumored that she drinks blood, slays lovers during the act and bathes in a vat of magically enchanted severed tongues. She knows that without her advisors, military commanders and wizards, she would not be able to run the kingdom. She occasionally finds herself at odds with the Black Sorcerers but these tensions are kept beneath a veneer of civility and any public conflict is carefully avoided.

Notable Skills

Queen Sillar is a dark mistress of many talents. She is equally adept in the throne room and on the battle field. She is quite skilled in blade combat though this skill is rarely seen. She also dabbles in alchemy and poison brewing. She has received some formal training in various martial arts and unarmed combat. She is very good at keeping a tight reign on servants and associates. Those who cannot be bullied or intimidated are swayed with gifts and honeyed words. Because of her father, she is intimately familiar with the dark cult of Draxorith and priestly magic. 


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