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Saradda is the name of the official language of the saridians. There are no regional or social dialects of Saradda. All saridians speak the same tongue.


Saradda is a complex language with an impenetrable maze of grammatical rules, verb conjugations and word genders. It descended from the complex Haphitese language, but this complexity has only been magnified by the saridian love of mathematics, rules and structure. There are hundreds of prefixes and suffixes which compound the complexity. Saradda is likely the most complex language on the continent of Aggradar. It is spoken in a very rapid fashion that non-saridians have a very hard time learning it or even just following a saridian conversation.


Saradda is based on an alphabet of 280 characters that represents unique sounds and, in some cases, whole words. Each character can also be written in a dozen different variations that subtly alter that sound and meaning of the character within the context of the word or phrase.


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