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The Sleeping Tower


The "Sleeping Tower" is a somewhat mythical ruin. Because of its remote location in the midst of a thick woods, few have been here. The tower itself is a tremendous pre-War construction... a former military fortress of the Kytohan Empire. The landquakes that followed the Sundering shifted the rockbed beneath the tower and the entire thing shifted position. Due to the strength of its architecture and possibly some magic still coursing through the tower, it held together. It now leans at a precarious 45 degree angle. Immense cracks run through the thing and pieces of the tower have crumbled to the ground. The tower is approximately 15 meters (50 feet) in diameter and 60 meters (196 feet) tall. It is octagonal and has several windows, balconies and gargoyles.


The Sleeping Tower is found deep in the eastern stretches of the Wild Wood.

Known History

Once a great fortress of the Kytohan imperial military, it was ruled over by a grand magus and a council of wizards. According to some texts, it was a place of arcane lore, a wizard's school of sorts and a place where much magical experimentation was conducted. The tower itself was cloaked in sorcery that hid it from the eye and made it difficult to find. It is possible that some of that magic still works today because even now the tower is notoriously hard to find, even by those who have found it before. It is also unusually difficult to spot at a distance, despite the fact that it is much taller than the forest around it. The magic that cloaks this tower fails during a Drellis dominant phase making the tower easier to find during those times.

The tower was abandoned sometime after the Sundering although there are no known records to indicate the date or circumstances. Because of the secrecy that surrounded it, there is actually very little known about it.

The Sleeping Tower Today

For those who do manage to find the tower, they will find that strange magical effects operate in and around it still. The inside of the tower houses chambers that are much larger than the tower's radius, so some sort of dimensional magic is at work. Explorers have reported going in for a few minutes only to come out and find that days had elapsed on the outside. The inside seems to be a shifting maze with chambers and stairwells that are never in the same place twice. One group ventured into the upper levels and vanished. It is believed by many that the tower still holds much treasure within.


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