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Soth Weed

True Name Nylasoth
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Fire Isles and eastern Qeshir
Form Flower

Physical Description

Soth weed is a rare white flower which pale white stem and leaves. The leaves, petals and core of this flower are coated in a thick, white powder.

Physical Properties

Soth weed powder can be used to create nylasoth. Nylasoth is a clear syrupy liquid poison that literally dissolves the victim's nervous system. This death is a slow death and excruciatingly painful. When first administered, the symptoms begin as a dull headache, but the pain grows exponentially. In the end, the brain of the victim liquefies. Death takes about 2 hours. This poison is very difficult to manufacture. The alchemical process is complex and time consuming. Also, finding and harvesting the powder is difficult due to the dangerous regions it is found in. These things, combined with the nature of the poison, make nylasoth the most expensive poison on the black market.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Soth weed can be found in only two places: the Fire Isles and on the mountainous peninsula around the Sea of Ash.


All soth weed exhibits a weak magical aura which will show up under close scrutiny by spell. This suggests that the plant may have been magically engineered originally. This aura is too faint to be a useful means of locating the plant. Long range detect magic spells simply won't pick it up

Nylasoth is used as a tool of torture and execution by some of the less scrupulous races. Specifically, the Sybren Imperium uses soth weed as a means of execution for certain criminals.

Tolerance: In very small doses, nylasoth acts as a powerful narcotic and hallucinogen. However, even in tiny doses, it causes irreparable damage to the nervous system resulting in chronic mental degradation, delusions and insanity. Death will occur long before any tolerance can be achieved. Some tribal shamans in the Fire Isles brew their own version of nylasoth and use it, in very low doses, during certain religious ceremonies. As a result, many of these tribal shamans are irrevocably insane, plagued by unrelenting nightmarish hallucinations. These same tribes have been known to execute prisoners with nylasoth.


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