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The Southerners consist of Kalimura, the Drakkellian Alliance, Asylum, Ithell, the Garrison, the Coalition and the Pirate Isles. The southerners have bronzed skin. Hair is commonly blonde to golden brown. Eye color is typically hazel, brown or green. Southerners tend to be tall and lean. It is the fashion for  men to be clean shaven. They dress more colorfully in loose, fitting garments. They favor gold jewelry, especially ear rings, and often go barefoot.

Southerners tend to be very easy going and carefree. They take life one day at a day and never get too overly concerned about problems. They enjoy festivals and frivolity. They are an impulsive, extravagant and passionate people. They love to cook and eat. In the south, every meal is an event and should be shared with friends and family. Southerners never eat alone. Wine is served with every meal and meals are eaten at a very leisurely pace.

These lax attitude extends to all things in life. Southerners are often late showing up to things and rarely feel pressured to schedule things. Things are expected to start late in the south. Parties and festivals are very common in the southern lands and are filled with color and light and laughter, often going all night long and into the next morning.

Southerners tend to be free with money as well, spending on a whim and lending to friends with abandon. The only exception to this is the Drakkellians. They will lend, but will remember every copper coin given out.

Southerners disagree with the northern stoic, grim outlook on life and think the northerners should not take life so seriously.

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