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His "Holiness", the Lord Priest Valyrian Syr

"All is perfection from the lips of our Lord Incarnate. His every word, every deed is divinely inspired."
- Valyrian Syr

Age 94 Hair Style Short cut, neatly trimmed beard and mustache
Race Human Hair Color White
Height 1.65m (5' 5") Eye Color Grey
Weight 46.2kg (102 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Robes of office, Staff of Carrikos. 

Profession High Priest of Vorkayne
Chief Location Arcanum in Carrikos
Affiliations Carrikos government and religion.
Languages Carrik, Northern, Rukemian, Thullian, Irenni
Skills Religion, Philosophy, History, Writing, Administration, Leadership, Protocol, Etiquette, Diplomacy, Spell Craft

His Holiness, the Lord Priest Valyrian Syr


Valyrian Syr is a wizard and a mage priest of Vorkayne. Unlike other mage priests, Valyrian Syr truly sees himself as a prophet of Vorkayne and calls himself the "High Priest of Vorkayne". He pictures himself as the spiritual leader of the faith and political liaison between the faith of Vorkayne and the rest of the world. He has no actual authority to speak on behalf of the religion of Vorkayne and many wizards consider him an embarrassment. Valyrian himself is undaunted and has enough wealth and magical prowess to maintain this facade. He is always accompanied by no less than four servants, four guards and two close confidantes who serve as secretaries, advisors and caretakers. His Holiness is weak in body and voice. One must strain to hear him. At public gatherings, his voice is magically amplified to carry to every corner of the room.

Despite his wealth and spells, Valyrian has been unable to accomplish his greatest wish... to establish a formal religious church based upon the worship of Vorkayne. He wishes to unite all wizards in this common glory. He envisions a faith of grand cathedrals, a complex system of ranks and titles and a church which wields absolute control over every aspect of the lives of the common citizery. His ambitious dreams are matched only by his fanatical fervor. Most wizards in Carrikos ignore him. Most feel that the faith of Vorkayne is one of quiet introspection and study. The mage priests, those wizards who take a more active role in the worship of Vorkayne, have different reactions to Valyrian. Some agree with him, some oppose him and a few try to steer him toward a more restrained relationship with the rest of the city.

Physical Description

Valyrian Syr is an ancient man of declining health. His snow white hair is cut very short and his wrinkled face is framed by a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He is adorned in fine white robes that are woven of sammite and golden strands. His robes have precious gemstones woven into them. This makes his garments appear to glitter and shimmer in sunlight. He carries with him stave which he calls the Staff of Vorkayne. This item is an slender, eight foot shaft of pure silver which is gem-studded and decorated with inlaid glyphs and runes of magical nature.

His elaborate head dress is the "Crown of Vorkayne". This magnificent crown is adorned with gems and gold. At the center of the crown is a tiny shard of green crystal which he claims is a sunder shard.


His Holiness is a kind and compassionate man who truly believes in the greatness and power of Vorkayne... that of better quality of life through the disciplined development and application of magic. He has devoted his life to this matter and will speak eloquently and at length whenever the subject is broached. His sermons on magic can become quite lengthy.

Notable Skills

Religion, Philosophy, History, Writing, Administration, Leadership, Protocol, Etiquette


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