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Although Estharia has no official capital city, Saralla is the largest town and serves as an unofficial cultural center.

The town of Saralla sits at the mouth of the Kalyanee River. It is primarily a fishing town, but also farms the surrounding valley. It has a large, deep harbor and ships from other nations routinely stop in to trade. Eshtari master boat builders craft the lean wooden longboats that the eshtari are known for.

Saralla has mild seasons, an abundance of sea food and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Because of its position deep in the bay, it suffers from raids and pirates less than town of Duchye.

According to legend, a Kytohan ship sank somewhere off the coast of Saralla carrying with it a fortune in imperial gold. Many tales surround the lost shipwreck stating that a curse brought it down. Those who have gone searching for the wreck have either failed to find it or failed to return at all.

At the center of town, at the intersection of the river road and the coast road, there is a huge central plaza. Almost every village in Eshtar, great and small, has a plaza, but the Plaza of Saralla dwarfs them all with a diameter of 120 meters. It is cobbled and the perimeter wall is adorned with sandstone statues. At the center of the plaza is a raised dais with an enormous, living upine tree at its center.

The town of Saralla is also the starting and ending point of the great religious parade known as Dalahajin.


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