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Age 64 Hair Style A thick mane of hair, trimmed beard. 
Race Human Hair Color Black with some grey
Height 1.88m (6' 2") Eye Color Grey
Weight 91.6kg (202 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Typically dressed in blue and grey robes, carries a bone staff

Profession Necromancer
Chief Location Northern Chaddamar.
Affiliations None
Languages Chaddi, Aukarian, Vaullian, Saridian, Old Kurtar
Skills Spell craft, necromancy, magical research, religion, demonology, history, linguistics

General Description

Saramuthak is a necromancer of ill repute who, until recently, lived in an isolated tower on the norther shores of the Chaddamar Theocracy. Once a powerful and respected sorcerer employed by the government of Chaddamar, he turned to dark magic and began dabbling in necromancy. He has had no end of trouble with the Church of Chaddamar and has actually battled priestesses of Chaddamar on occasion. He was imprisoned some two years ago by the Church.

Physical Appearance

Saramuthak appears as a tall, powerful, robust man with broad shoulders and large frame. He has a thick mane of long black hair, which is greying, and a trimmed beard. His sparkling black eyes betray a fierce intelligence and active mind..


Boisterous man. His mind is constantly active. Brilliant, but scattered in thought and forgetful. Often leaps from project to project without ever really finishing one. Sometimes will move among a dozen projects, working on each one in turn. Likes to eat banquets, likes to be served. Enjoys wine and smoking herbs when relaxing each night and watching the sunset from his tower.

Notable Skills

Saramuthak truly is a brilliant and gifted man. He is a genius with a fascination for dark magic. He is endlessly fascinated with the workings of the body, mind and soul, with life and death. He feels that the body is a machine and can be rebuilt and improved upon. He uses corpses, necromancy and machinery to build strange constructs - creations which combine engineered machinery with undead body parts. Zombies, skeletons and worse are combined with wires, gears, pistons and tubes.


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