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Once a tremendous city, most of the buildings of Sathmat have collapsed and the stone here is worn smooth and baked by the sun. The most interesting thing about the ruins of Sathmat is that the repeated land quakes over the centuries have caused an upheaval in the rock and breaking and shifting of the ground. One half of the city has been pushed up by the rising land and now looms over the other half, separated by a 200 foot sheer drop off. This cliff has exposed a number of tunnels and underground chambers that existed beneath the city. Several of these jettison spectacular waterfalls when it rains.


Sathmat can be found only after five days of travel through rugged foothills and jagged mountains in the heart of the Dragonclaw Mountains. A single trail leads to this ruin, but it is a very difficult path and involves many switchbacks as it zigzags up into the mountains. 

Known History

Once a major town and important mining center for the Irenni League, the town suffered greatly from the severe landquakes that occurred during the World Storm.

Sathmat Today

The ruins of Sathmat are a popular destination for Normidian hunters who are going deep into the Dragonclaw Mountains are extended hunting trips.


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