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Saridian Razor Crab

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Aquatic (saltwater coastline)
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

The saridian razor crab appears as a normal crab except that its carapace is composed of glittering blue and silver crystals which overlap almost like scales of a reptile. These crystalline scales glint brightly in the sun. The crab has two large pincers strong enough to cut a finger off of an unwary sailor. An adult specimen is about 25 cm broad and weighs about 2 kilograms. Saridian crabs have a small air bladder in them and are capable of making a loud shrieking noise when out of the water. Sections of their shell can be articulated to a small degree and they can "rattle" the scales of their shell in a menacing fashion to scary away enemies.


Saridian razor crabs are quite aggressive creatures and will fight if cornered. They are agile and quick and can jump a short distance (typically up to a meter). The crabs will screech and rattle their scales when they feel threatened. They have even been known to chase animals many times their size away from their nests. The strong pincers of the razor crab can easily cut bone and branch. The crystalline shell of the razor crab is what gives it its name. The shell is faceted and very sharp. Handling a razor crab without gloves or other protection will result in dozens of small cuts.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

As can be guessed by the name, saridian razor crabs are native to Sarid. They can be found all along the coastline of southeastern Aggradar, ranging for Vaul to Chaddamar, but they are most common on the coasts of Sarid. They tend to congregate in rocky areas where they can blend in.


Razor crabs have very sweet, white meat and are a favored delicacy throughout much of Aggradar. The meat is expensive because harvesting razor crabs is difficult and dangerous work. Razor crab fishermen usually have toughed skin on their hands from handling the crabs for years, but they are usually also missing a finger or two.

Razor crabs are also favored for their crystalline shells. The individual crystalline scales of the crab's armor can be broken apart, cut and polished much like real gemstones. While not of tremendous value, the gems are often worked into clothing and other decorations. Razor gems, as they are called, are particularly fashionable among noble women of Chaddamar.

Female razor crabs lay several dozen eggs in a small nest buried in sand once each year and will defend the nest aggressively. The small blue-white eggs are also harvested and collected as a delicacy which is particularly popular in Vaul.


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