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Little remains of this once great city but a valley filled with crumbling stone walls, broken rubble and overgrown roads. The main walls of the city are surrounded by vast grassy fields.


The ruins of Se'auri are located in the borderlands between eastern Arkalia and western Corvenia.

Known History

Se'auri was the capital city of the great Irenni League of long ago. The Sundering shook the world setting off landquakes that were felt around the world. Possibly the single greatest disaster that came of the Sundering was the flooding of the north central plains of Ithria. The oceans flooded in and drowned almost half of the Irenni League. Se'auri was spared and led the remaining cities and towns in a focused military campaign against the Thullian Empire in the Great War.

In 712 CY, the League lost its capital city to humanoid hordes. The city was completely destroyed. The League eventually broke up into dozens of small baronies and duchies. The northern lands became a dangerous place for many years.

The Ruins of Se'auri Today

The ruins of Se'auri have been picked clean by centuries of scavengers, although rumors of treasure in subterranean chambers persist. There are enough nooks and crannies in this vast ruin for monsters and humanoids to hide and it is generally considered foolhardy to wander the ruins at night. The ruins are large enough to become lost in. It is known that there are many subterranean levels and chambers and at least nine entrances to this underground network. A skrell tribe has taken over one section.

The ruins of Se'auri are noted for a particularly type of flower which grows only here. It is a beautiful blue and white flower called a faeriebell. Faeriebells are fairly expensive as they cannot be obtained anywhere else and this isn't the safest place to pick flowers. They are also notoriously difficult to cultivate elsewhere.


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