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Age Died at age 124. Hair Style Curly, worn long and loose in a wild mane of hair.. 
Race Human Hair Color White
Height 1.9m (6' 3") Eye Color Pale Blue
Weight 102 kg (225 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Blue and gold robes, silver sceptre.

Profession Arch-Mage, Founder of the Black Sorcerers
Chief Location The Citadel in Duthelm
Affiliations The Black Sorcerers
Languages Ogrish, Orcish, Rukemian, Sauric. Was the creator of the Bendothi code.
Skills Wizardry, Spellcraft, Spell Research, Alchemy, Herbalism, Demonology


Sargran was the founder of the Black Sorcerers. He was born in 2062 CY in the nation of Carrikos and showed considerable magical talent even in his youth.  He studied under a mage named Prendol and rose quickly to establish himself as a powerful sorcerer.

Sargran was obsessed with magical power and pursued it without regard to morality or ethics. This caused no end of conflict between him and the authorities of Carrikos. During his career, he conducted all manner of unethical research and conducted questionable  experiments. He dabbled in summoning demons and would routinely kidnap victims (usually homeless street urchins or drunks) for use in experiments. Finally in 2130 CY, at the age of 68 CY, he was banished from Carrikos. He moved into a ruined Irenni castle in the mountains on the border of Carrikos and Duthelm and continued his research.

In 2135, he was invited by Heparus, the current reigning ruler of Duthelm, to join the nation of Duthelm and serve him. Sargran accepted and spend the remaining years of his life as the chief magical authority in Duthelm. It was in Duthelm that he founded the Black Sorcerers and he was instrumental in rallying skilled mages to the Citadel.

Sargran came to be a worshiper of the demon lord Draxorith which the ogres there worshiped and helped to strengthen that religion in Duthelm. He came to be a ranking member of the Church of Draxorith and has created numerous magical weapons and enchanted artifacts for the church.

When Kalamus killed Heparus and usurped the throne, Sargran took no action as he was only concerned with his own research. However, in 2151 CY, when Kalamus shut down the Orichalcum mines and had them sealed, Sargran flew into a rage. It was the first of many conflicts between Kalamus and Sargran. Although Sargran and the Black Sorcerers were powerful, Kalamus was well protected by the army and the Black Sorcerers were outnumbered 1000 to 1. The Black Sorcerers had no choice but to endure the long reign of Kalamus.

During the final years of his life, Sargran wrote many great books and crafted many great magical works. His greatest creation was the Shrine of Lost Souls.

Sargran died at the age of 123 in the year of 2185 CY, only a few months before War Lord Kalamus declared himself King. It was widely whispered at the time that the timing was no coincidence and that Kalamus had been too afraid of Sargran to claim the title of King while Sargran lived.

Physical Appearance

Sargran was a large man with snow white hair, a neatly trimmed beard and pale blue eyes. He dressed in fabulously expensive blue and gold robes trimmed with golden thread and gems. He carried a fabulous silver  sceptre with him at all times. He is known to have used alchemy and spells to prolong his health and life, thus accounting for very old age.


Sargran was a strong willed man renowned for a tremendous ego and arrogance. 

Notable Skills

Sargran is noted for having written many papers of magical nature, some of which have survived to the present day. The most significant writings of Sargran's life where a series of books he wrote during his twilight years. There were to be twelve books which would contain all of the knowledge he had amassed during his life. However, Sargran died before he could finish the set. Only nine books were completed. The "Nine Books of Sargran" have served as the foundation for the Black Sorcerers and influenced spell research in Duthelm for centuries. Each book covers a specific group of spells and spell effects. The first six books deal with the core philosophies of magic and hold a wide array of arcane lore and spell research. These six books are held by the Black Sorcerers. The Seventh Book of Sargran deals with controlling the mind and body. It is the property of the Queen. The Eighth Book of Sargran is a book of communing with other worlds and is held by the High Priest, Caramus. The Ninth Book of Sargran held the magical incantations which were used to create the Shrine of Lost Souls. It still rests within that unholy place and is now in the care of Deth, the Keeper of the Shrine. Its secrets are known only to him.

One of the things that Sargran was banished for was dabbling in chaos sorcery. It has been speculated by several members of the Black Sorcerers that Sargran may have been skilled in chaos sorcery in addition to traditional magic. These two types of magic are normally diametrically opposed and completely incompatible. If the theory is true, then Sargran is the only known mage ever to be capable of such a feat. It would also explain his vast talent and broad scope of study.


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