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Rivers are the veins of the Ithrian continent continually revitalizing life in all regions by moving that most precious of commodities... water. Rivers provide a water supply, a food supply, a means of transportation and, in some cases, a method of protection. Many forms of fauna and flora can be found only in and near rivers. These are a few of the reasons why so many of cities and villages throughout Ithria dwell at the mouths of and on the banks of rivers.

The continent of Ithria is crisscrossed with exactly 43 major rivers and several hundred lesser rivers, tributaries, creeks, streams and babbling brooks. The 43 major rivers are defined so because of length, quantity of flow and importance to regional social and economic interests.  What follows is a brief description of each.

Amaputu River

The Amaputu river is named after the tribe of myrians that control the lands through which the river flows. The Amaputu use simple river rafts to conduct trade and travel along the navigable length of the river. This deep, churning waterway also supplements their diet with a wide variety of fresh water fish.

Artisan River

The Artisan River is a short, but deep river that flows through the Vorrik and the capital city of Aerith. Vorrik claims the entire length of the river. Vorrikan transport barges are a common site as are fishermen along its banks. This river is navigable by large craft up to Thousand Ponds.

Barakose River

This wide river lies just north and east of the vast Barakose Swamp. It is fed by two main tributaries, the East and West Barakose, and dozens of smaller ones. This brakish waterway is filthy and loaded with bacteria and water-borne pathogens. Any open wound submerged in this water has a good chance of picking up a disease or infection.

Befouled River

True to its name, this river is befouled with all manner of stagnation, putrescence and disease. Whether this is a natural phenomenon or the result of magical tampering by the forces of the Coalition is not known. Most citizens of Garrison believe that the river is cursed by Coalition sorcerers. In either case, disease is rampant in the area and Garrison takes extreme measures, both magical and mundane, to guard against contagion. Water and fish taken from this river are edible only after being purified by potent magic. Although this river is deep and easily navigated by boats and even large ships, no ships attempt it. Something in the water of this river rots wood rapidly and will eat a hole in the hull of a ship in a matter of hours. Another oddity of this river is its tributaries. The swamp provides several hundred tiny creeks, bogs, brooks and waterholes which crisscross endlessly upon each other forming a maze of waterways. A small craft could easily become lost.

Blood River

The well known "river of blood" was named centuries ago after the Battle of Ymir, a Great War clash that wiped out the village for which it is named. The river flowed red with the blood of hundreds that were put to death that day. Today, the city of Tyrrenkor sits at the mouth of this river. Murron's Pass marks the point where the river ceases to be navigable.

Coromand River

Coromond River in Bathynia

The swollen and winding Coromand river is a very wide and placid waterway which empties all the southern foothills of the Thunder Peaks. It is feed by dozens of tributaries. The fish taken from this river are a major part of the Bathyn diet and they often sail riverboats along its length.

Dathkis River

The Dathkis river is a major river in northern Normidia. At the mouth of the Dathkis river is the town of Dathkandra. Here ships find a safe port where they can resupply. Ships passing through the mouth of the river are taxed by Dathkandra. The Dathkis river joins the Strolling river before heading east to Tykron and emptying in the Captured Sea. Caldore and Two Towers are built at the northern most navigable points of the rivers.

Elecindrel River - north and south elecindrel

The Elecindrel is the river that forms the northern border of Ethara. It has two main tributaries, the North Elecindrel and the South. All three rivers are shallow and difficult to navigate.

Emerald River

The Emerald River is the major river of southern Ethara and flows through the capital city of Bazile. It flows along the eastern foothills of the Thunder Peaks, is navigable up to Silvervale by small craft and empties out into the Great Western Ocean

Ethereal River

The Ethereal river flows through both the free city of Vogue and Zesrun, the capital city of Corvenia. The nobility of Vogue insist on magically coloring the ethereal river so that it is a radiant blue as it flows through their city. This enchanted coloring stays with the water for a full day. Therefore, this river boasts a brilliant blue color for most of the journey from Vogue to Zesrun. Much of the vegetation is also brightly colored along its banks.

Everclear River

The Everclear is a wide and swollen river which is fed by many tributaries and collectively drains the entire grasslands of Talis. It is an excellent source of food and water. It is a deep river and would be open to all manner of craft. However, the phellysian aversion to water travel greatly reduces the amount of traffic found here.

Fedosh River

The Fedosh river is a large tributary that unites with the Northstrol river before heading into Rivergate. The Fedosh empties the cold northern grasslands of western Normidia.

Great Flow

The Great Flow is the huge river that winds its way through most of Carrikos and finally empties into the sea at the majestic city of Arcanum. This grand river was named by the wizards of Arcanum in honor of the "Great Flow", that which some Arcanum mages call the flow of magic in the world. It is a deep, placid river and easily navigated by even large ships. However, certain bridges in Arcanum limit the size of ships that may pass underneath.

Green River

The Green River is named after its distinctive green color which comes from an abundant algae in the waters. This algae is mildly toxic and, if ingested, will cause sickness lasting for hours to days. The Green River runs north and south through the length of the War Vale, It is navigable for most of its length, as far north as Gallos to most boats and as far north as Thule and Iron Gate to light weight river rafts.


The Javesi river is one of the main rivers that empties the jungles of the Shattered Mountains. It is a shallow rocky thing and not easily navigated except by very small rafts and expert boatmen.

Koskin River

The mammoth Koskin river and its many tributaries empty the central grumman farmlands and the Trackless Mire. It ends in a spectacle as it plummets over the Thunder Falls. It is navigable to a wide variety of smaller craft.

Mare's Milk River

A major river at the far eastern edge of the Wind Plains. It serves as an unofficial border between mytharian and secambru territory. It is a shallow river and navigable only by river barges and shallow draft vessels. It is a major source of fresh water for many of the mytharian clans.

Merchant's Highways - West Merchant and East Merchant

Asylum sits at the mouth of the Merchant's Highway which is fed by two large tributaries - the West Merchant and East Merchant. The Merchant's Highway is navigable by large craft. The two smaller rivers can be sailed by small ships, barges and rafts.

Morgan's River

Morgan's river runs the length of the eastern Sentinel Mountain peninsula. It is navigable up to Drake's Town by small craft. Morgan's River is well known because of its annual flooding in late spring in which thousands of tons of mud and silty water will roar down into the valleys flooding the area. Spring time mud slides in this region are extremely common. These flash floods have been known to shatter river boats and even swamp large seafaring ships that are too near the mouth of the river. Drake's Town is well fortified against such floods and sits far up river where the flooding waters have not yet built up sufficiently to do damage.

Mud Boar River

A major river that winds its way through the Darijun Jungle. This river serves as the unofficial eastern border of the secambru giants territory. At the mouth of the river is the ruined city of Jaruska, the only secambru city. The Mud Boar River is known for its seasonal cycles. In spring, it is a deep river that is fast moving with many dangerous currents. In the summer, it is shallow and slow moving. In the autumn, is partially dries out becoming a river of thick, slowly churning mud which is very difficult to cross. In the winter, the mud hardens and it is easy to cross. There are several unique creatures that have adapted to the varying conditions of this river's seasonal cycles. The river is named after the wild mud boars that frolic in its muddy banks. Male mud boars can reach 500 kilograms. This river is also home to a species of crocodile which prey on the mud boar and other animals that come to drink at the water. These crocodiles can reach eight meters in length and are formidable foes.

Muddy River

The Muddy river is named by the phellysians for its chocolate brown color and mineral rich, silt-laden waters. Due to its high mineral content (including a large amount of metallic particles) the water of this river is poisonous. It has a bad taste and anyone drinking this water will fall ill within hours. Water from this river must be either filtered or distilled before drinking. Fish from this river also have a high mineral content and eating them will cause a similar, though less severe, illness. A unique characteristic of this river is that the metallic particles in the water deflect magical energy to a degree. For instance, directional or area of effect spells will not work on the water or be able to penetrate into the water. Detection spells, for instance, cannot see below the surface. Some wizards have found the waters of this river to be useful in certain alchemical recipes and magical research.

Nengeli River

Nengeli River

The Nengeli is the longest river in Myria and is named for the myrian tribe which rules this area. The Nengeli are masters of the sea and use a sleek 30 foot sail boat which has a collapsible sail and easily navigates the tight twists and turns of this river.

Oeter's River

According to legend, this river was named during the Age of Sorrow for an village elder who stood up against an invading army. He fought them with word and wooden staff desperately trying to save his village, the river and the surrounding forest from the aggressors. He was finally put to death but his struggles delayed the invaders long enough until the local militia arrived, drove the invaders out and saved the village. That village grew into what is now known as King's Port.

Pacey's River

It is Pacey's River that has carved out the series of valleys which now make up the War Vale. It has several rapids and waterfalls along its length. It is fished by dozens of small villages all along the valley and used as a means of transportation by dozens of river boats.

Pahavi River

The Pahavi is a small but deep river that empties the southern jungles of Myria. Pahavi natives in sleek canoes are a common sight along the placid ribbon of water.

Prey's Rest River

Prey's Rest is the northern most major river in Ithria and freezes over regularly in winter. This river is fed by tiny ice-cold brooks that come tumbling over rocks from the Dragon Claw Mountains. It provides fresh water for many hunting expeditions that venture into the northern territory as well as a quick ride home on a raft to ensure the meat doesn't spoil.

Supposedly, there is a great serpent living in the Prey's Rest river. It has been sighted on numerous occasions in the past 20 years and had attacked both cattle and people drinking at the waters edge, pulling them into the river’s water never to be seen again. One hunting expedition was dispatched by the local baron, but they were unable to find the creature. There is some dispute as to whether this creature actually exists.

Red River

Due to huge amounts of iron ore in the land here, this river is colored red by high concentrations of dissolved ferric iron and other metals in the water. This river is extremely acidic and is not safe to drink from or bathe in. Like most of the wells in the region, water from this river must first be filtered or distilled before it can be used. There is very little life in this beyond various forms of algae. One notable exception is the red tarn, a type of small river fish that has adapted to the conditions. It is notable for bright red metallic scales and reddish meat. It has a distinctly metallic flavor. Scales from the red tarn can be used to make colorful and sturdy scale armor. Another notable feature of this river is that the extremely high metallic content of the water refracts magical emanations. Generally speaking, magic will not penetrate more than a few feet into the water. There is a story of a thief eluding a wizard’s spell of searching by submerging himself down to the bottom of the river.

Serpent River

A major river in the land of the Secambru giants. Named by the secambru giants after a freshwater variety of dragon eel that infests this waterway in large numbers.

Six Forks River

Six Forks river is a large tributary to Pacey's River. It stretches from the Falkir Clans deep into the War Vale. The grum use small river rafts to transport goods up and down this river. Minor flooding is common among its tributaries.

Skain River

The shining city of Strathon sits at the mouth of this river where it empties into the Captured Sea. It is navigable to small craft only.

Sponkios River

This small river drains the Mercian Forest and empties in the Sapphire Main at the village of Galen's Shore. The origins of its name are lost to history.

Stirling River

The Stirling river winds through the foothills of the Northern Tusks. It is undoubtedly fed by several subterranean tributaries as the dwarves are often seen with river barges here. These barges have shallow keels as this river is not very deep.

Stout River

The Green River and Pacey's River meet at the south end of the War Vale and unite to form the larger Stout River which then proceeds south and empties into the Sapphire Main. The Stout River is wide and deep making it navigable up to the point where it splits to even the largest ships.

Strolling River - Northstrol and Southstrol

Two rivers, the Northstrol (North Stroll) and the Southstrol (South Stroll) both empty into Kyzer Lake. The Strolling River begins from the lake, proceeds north east through Normida to the Captured Sea. Normidia and Rivergate both conduct trade along all three rivers. The Strolling River is navigable as far as the lake to small ships. The Northstrol and Southstrol can only accommodate rafts and barges.

Sweetwater River

The Sweetwater meanders throughout the Khenshire region, passes through Dunlyn and then joins other tributaries to form the Koskin. The grum farmers of the region move their grain and produce along this river with a variety of grum made river rafts.

Thule River

The Thule river is the main river of the Great Rukemian Empire. Aridorn sits at the mouth of this river and river traffic is closely guarded. The Thule is navigable as far as Kandare by medium sized craft. This river is named after the great Thullian Empire that dominated these lands long ago.

Tosh River

The Tosh is a small, but deep river in southern Myria. It floods regularly in spring time. Many dangerous fish swim in its waters. According to one myrian legend, drinking from this river will cause the drinker to fall into a deep, euphoric sleep.

Wandering River

Aptly named, the Wandering river winds aimlessly through Kalimura and empties into the Sea of Chaos at Orrojek. Its banks are dotted with numerous Kalimuranvillages. The Wandering River is navigable by small craft as far upstream as Dakari.

White Stone River

Stovikar sits at the mouth of the White Stone River, the largest river in Ormek which is navigable as far north as Ravenhill. A certain length of this river is said to be haunted by the ghost of a noble woman. She supposedly drowned her own baby in the river. She was executed for her crime and her spirit was cursed to find no rest. She now haunts the river. On the anniversary of her death, her spirit arises to stalk the world. If she can, she will claim a victim, dragging them into the river to a grisly death. Village locals will often sacrifice animals in the river on that day in an attempt to appease her.

Wild River

The Wild River is named so far the numerous rapids, twists, turns and waterfalls that make this river inaccessible to any craft. It is one of the smaller rivers in Kitar and empties into the Sea of Storms at Old Castle.

Wolf's Run River

The largest river in the Ice Rock mountains. The city of Ice Gate is located at the junction of three rivers at the highest navigable point on the river.


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