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The Jaidor Talisman - Introduction

The Jaidor Talisman Campaign was the title of my most recent D&D campaign. It also happens to be the largest, most complicated and most ambitious campaign I have ever run. It began in the summer of 1999 and ran for five years, concluding in 2004. We ran it for 5 years continuously except for a 10 month stretch that we took off while Mark Price directed his first film, "Professional Courtesy", which was set in Khoras. All told, the campaign ran 58 sessions

Like my other campaigns, the Jaidor Talisman campaign encompasses a full set of completely detailed and interlinked adventures built around a central plot and played out against a common background. It was designed to introduce players to the continent of Aggradar and the bulk of the campaign involves a journey half way around the world.

In the Jaidor Talisman Campaign, the characters set forth on a journey to a distant land on the far side of the world. They follow the trail marked on an ancient map to find a hidden shrine in which lies the most powerful weapon in the world, an ancient magical talisman from the Great War. It is written that whoever controls this Talisman will control all the morphians of the world.

Matters are complicated by the fact that Duthelm, sworn enemy of the Rukemian Empire, also has a copy of the map. The forces of evil have dispatched their own heroes to retrieve the Talisman. The journey to the far side of the world becomes a race.

The main plot outline details the overall background and story of the campaign. The Campaign Overview by section gives an idea of how the campaign breaks down into six main sections. The first section involves a war being fought between the nations of Duthelm and Kitar. This section is optional. While it is a good way to warm things up and get the players involved, it is not strictly required.

Game Masters take note: There are no rules, only guidelines. The campaign is large and versatile enough to incorporate any fun detail from the world that you would like to include.


I am putting these notes online because several people have asked for them. I originally wrote these notes for my campaign. So they are VERY rough notes that were originally intended just for me. So, they may not make sense to anyone else. I haven't really had time to polish these notes and make them nice and neat. Some things may sound out of context or just plain odd. The tense (past/present) may shift here and there. I will rewrite these notes as I go and try to make them a little more easy to follow, but I may not always catch everything or have time to truly make them palatable. This is just the initial pass. I just want to get these online. I will go back and polish things up more later. For now, if you want to run the Jaidor Talisman campaign, read these notes and try to make sense of it. Also check out the "session summaries" from the original Jaidor Talisman campaign in the Khoras Forum. If you have questions, feel free to email me. But these are very rough notes not intended for the general public. You have been warned. :)

Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

Section 1 - The Siege of Myranor

Part 1 - Journey to Myranor
Part 2 - The Sewers of Myranor
Part 3 - The Battle for Myranor
Part 4 - The Contents of the Satchel

Section 2 - Sea Voyage

The Three Ships
The Third Wind Crew Roster
The Master Supply List
Results for a Legend Lore Spell
Sea Voyage - Days 1 through 6
Sea Voyage - Days 7 through 12
Sea Voyage - Days 13 through 18
Sea Voyage - Days 19 through 24
Sea Voyage - Days 25 through 31
Sea Voyage - Days 32 through 36
Sea Voyage - Days 37 through 49

Section 3 - Journey Across Aggradar

Basic Knowledge of Aggradar
The Magrakian Language
Part 1 - The City of Okslad
Part 2 - Fyrren's Wandering
Part 3 - The Aukarian Republic
Part 4 - Kaelig
Part 5 - The Kalanos Marshes

Section 4 - The Chaddamar Theocracy

Part 1 - The Vaullian and Ancient Lore
Part 2 - Going After the Key
Part 3 - Rescuing Saramuthak
Part 4 - Saramuthak's Tower
Part 5 - The Thieves Guild, the Wall and the Tunnel

Section 5 - The Desolation of Shidar

Part 1 - First Days in the Desolation
Part 2 - The Spirit Wraiths
Part 3 - The Old Wall
Part 4 - The Advance Duthelm Team
Part 5 - The Omarin

Section 6 - The Ruins of Shidar

Part 1 - The Ruins of the City
Part 2 - Death's Door
Part 3 - The Mines of Morgoth
Part 4 - The Maze of the Shrine
Part 5 - The Shrine of the Jaidor Talisman


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