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Section 6 - The Ruins of Shidar


This is the final chapter in the Jaidor Talisman campaign. In this final section, the players finally arrive at the ruins of the ancient city of Shidar. This huge city has been completely abandoned and is nothing more than a ruin, although many of the buildings here are still standing.

The characters will explore the city, encounter someone who lives in the center and is able to tell them a great deal. They then confront Death's Door. Using the Key, they open the Door and descend into the dungeons below.

Once in the dungeons underground, the players encounter the "mines of Morgoth" which have been lost and abandoned for many centuries. They encounter a sarthak lord and his minions. From them, either by interrogating prisoners after a battle or through peaceful communication, they find out the truth about this dungeon.

Beyond the underground city, the party will enter the Shrine Maze where they are pitted against a series of traps and puzzles. They must navigate their way through this maze until they finally confront the great Godbeast in the center and retrieve the Jaidor Talisman. Once they have it, it is up to them whether they choose to destroy it or not.


Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

Part 1 - The Ruins of the City
Part 2 - Death's Door
Part 3 - The Mines of Morgoth
Part 4 - The Maze of the Shrine

Part 5 - The Shrine of the Jaidor Talisman