Khoras is a huge world and a versatile game setting. This gaming world is not "system specific". Descriptions and references are kept detailed and clear, but are not limited by the rules and terms of any one role playing system. If you are the Game Master for any gaming group (whether you use AD&D or something else), I encourage you to explore all of Khoras. You should have no trouble adapting Khoras to your game system of choice.

Adventures This is a collection of short adventure ideas and plot hooks to get a DM started. It's a great way to introduce your players to the World of Khoras and show off some of the detail and flavor that it has to offer. For each adventure, there are links to related pages in this web site that apply to the adventure in question. As this section grows, it will include visual aides, sound effects, maps and more. 
Full Campaigns This area contains full campaigns - multi-session adventures which may span a considerable length of time following a single plot line.
Player Packets Compact information booklets about Khoras to pass out to players.
House Rules A place for various house rules given in gaming terms. Most of the time this will be for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.


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