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Quest of the Avisarr

In this campaign, the characters are required to travel the lands, collecting the remains of six long dead mages and priests. These artifacts will be used in a ceremony to prevent the return of a demon lord into the mortal realm and seal the inter-dimensional gate forever. Of course, the forces of darkness pursue the characters throughout the campaign.

This grand-scale, multi-session adventure will guide your players through most of the Ithrian continent, with many dangerous stops along the way. This was my first and largest campaign and the signature role-playing experience of this website. It includes original art, maps, and session summaries from the two different groups that I personally ran through, back in 1990 and 1998. If your players seem to enjoy using Khoras as a campaign setting, definitely give this one a try.

The Jaidor Talisman

In this campaign, Duthelm begins a war with Kitar. During the war, they stumble across a cryptic map which hints at the location of the Jaidor Talisman, a tremendously powerful weapon from the Great War. Intent on stopping Duthelm from acquiring such a weapon, the Rukemian Empire steals a copy of the map and then dispatches a group of heroes to the far side of the world to claim the weapon before Duthelm does. This race around the world is complicated by strange new cultures, secret societies with their own agenda and moral dilemmas that could lead to the destruction of an entire race.

The Jaidor Talisman is my largest, most complicated and most ambitious campaign ever. It's original run was 60 sessions spread out over 5 years of real playing time.

The Warriors of the Mark

The characters find they are possessed by the spirits of ancient heroes and are dragged into an ancient struggle between the forces of good and evil. It features some new background material, a couple of good dungeon crawls, a daring robbery and a very good prophecy.


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