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Section 1 - The Siege of Myranor

Part 3 - The Battle for Myranor


The player characters are helped out of the garbage chamber by Myranor soldiers. The officer takes them to meet the authorities. The player character see that these people are worn out. Many wounded. Crowded living conditions. The characters are taken to the royal palace and meet with Commander Brogan.

Meeting with City Officials

The player characters meet with Commander Brogan and his officers. Commander Brogan is currently the highest ranking official still alive in Myranor and has taken command. In the Royal Palace, the player characters are taken to the main conference room . Commander Brogan asks the party what they are doing sneaking through the sewer system to enter the city.

To answer their questions:

The Healing Staff
"We thank you for this gift. Truly we are in need of healing. With this accursed siege magic, Duthelm has rendered our priests' healing spells are useless. We have many wounded. We shall put this staff to work immediately."

The Spy, Athmarak
"He came into the city amidst a fierce battle during which he was struck by several arrows. Despite this, he kept fighting and killed six more orcs. When we removed the arrows, we saw that they were poisoned. He held on for many days. Our healers tried everything, but without their magic, they could do little for him. He died last night." He left his post to deliver this along with a message. The commander presents a sheaf of documents. The documents include a copy of the Jaidor map and a hand written letter.

The Orcish Shaman
Commander Brogan says "We've got one other… individual who needs to be escorted out". He motions to the guards and they drag in a male orc. An older male orc with several battle scars and ritualistic tattoes on the face. Wearing a bone in each ear. Decorated with bone jewelry and plate armor. Bound and gagged. Allow me to introduce Gorosh, chieftain of the Splintered Bone Tribe." He has been exceptionally uncooperative. We haven't been able to get any useful information out of him. He won't talk at all. And he's already put three of my men in the infirmary. So be careful. Feel free to beat him as necessary. If you can get him back to the empire, perhaps they can get something out of him.

The Girl
"We have another problem". He motions to a guard and leaves and a minute later returns escorting a young woman. About 17 years old. "This is Jesa Pryan. She is the daughter of Senator Pryan. She was not supposed to be here when the siege began or anywhere near the fighting. She was supposed to be spending six months in the Duchy of Errlain with a cousin. But she disobeyed her father's orders and came here to be with a young man whom her father had forbade her see. No one on the outside knows that she is here. Her father does not even know that she is in danger. If you can get her safely back to Aridorn, I'm sure her father would be eternally grateful."

The Teleport Bubbles
Commander Brogan tells the party about Duthelm's use of "teleport bubbles". This is a new spell developed by the Black Sorcerers. Several times each day, one of the black sorcerers will cast a teleport bubble spell. This opens up a glowing sphere of energy about 8 feet in diameter in the orc camps. An identical sphere opens up somewhere in the city. These two bubbles are linked, being either end of a short dimensional rift. Anything passing into one bubble will emerge from the other. Duthelm is using these teleport bubbles to rapidly dump small groups of soldiers into the midst of the city without warning. The orc soldiers do as much damage as possible, kill as many as possible, and then escape back through the bubble. These hit and run tactics have proven very effective and wearing down the Myranor soldiers.

The only defense that the city has against these attacks is Drellisite. It is faster and more reliable than attempting a Dispel Magic spell which may or may not get distorted. The local wizard's guild had several pieces of Drellisite crystal. These were broken into 12 roughly fist sized chunks of crystal. Each was put into a lead lined box and given to a soldier. These 12 soldiers patrol the castle and inner city. Whenver the shout goes outthat the enemy has magicked their way into the castle, these soldiers come running. The lead box is then opened and the portal is bathed in the energies of the crystal. Sometimes it is necessary to throw the crystal into the portal to collapse it. The crystal then falls to the floor. When the portal collapses, the Duthelm soldiers that came through are stranded. This is how the orcish chieftain was captured and how Athmarak got in.

The Teleport Bubble Attack

The player characters are invited to dine with Commander Brogan and his officers. As if to demonstrate, a teleport bubble appears while the player characters are dining with the officers. A magically portal yawns open at one end of the room and out pour 25 Duthelm soldiers. This encounter could go several ways... if the players just want to help out, they can assist the officers and guards to battle the orcish soldiers. Eventually, when enough orcs have fallen, they will retreat back into the teleport bubble.

However, another possibility is that the player characters themselves dive through the teleport bubble and end up out in the outer city, surrounded by orcish soldiers. While this is brave, bordering on suicidal, it would certainly lead to a fun evening of gaming. This is also the preferred outcome. You can subtly steer the players in this direction. If the players do this, they will find that they emerge not far from a surge disruptor. Then can see the large spiked sphere rotating on its wagon. And they can see the mage and his book, operating the device. If the players are REALLY brave, they can try attacking the mage running the surge disruptor and stealing the book he has open in front of him.

This bold action can succeed because it's a brave move and the players have the element of surprise. The Duthelm forces aren't expecting anyone to be foolhardy enough to come through the teleport bubble. Also, the teleport bubble is very close to a surge disruptor wagon. With surprise and speed, they can make it a running battle and they can retrieve the spellbook.

The characters fight for a little while. Then the drellisite porter shows up and collapses the portal.

Defeating the Disruptors

If the characters managed to retrieve a copy of the surge disruptor spell book, the mages in Myranor will be anxious to review the book in an attempt to decipher the spells within. The mages in the party could be included in this effort. when the book is studied, the mages will discover that it details out a single, very long, very complex spell. It will take several mages working together to translate and decipher this "disruption" spell.

If the mages are successful in deciphering the disruption spell, it will be possible for them to adjust their spells such that they will not be affected by the surge disruptors. In other words, they will be matching the set of frequencies just as the Duthelm sorcerers are doing and hence their spells will work normally, completely unaffected by the wagon mounted surge disruptors outside the city walls.

Retooling the spells to the new frequencies simply requires time.

During the time that the spellbook is being studied and the disruption spell is being deciphered, it's likely that the Duthelm forces outside will do everything they can to prevent the Myranor mages from succeeded. While the spellbook is being studied, another teleport bubble will open up and out will pour a horde of orcish warriors. These warriors have been enhanced with defensive spells and given orders to destroy the book no matter what. The teleport bubble is a one-way-only bubble. It cannot be used to travel to the other end. These orcish warriors are on a suicide mission.

The Final Assault

As the mages are hard at work retooling their magic to work, a new army from Duthelm arrives. This great horde consists of orcs, ogres and is boosted by numerous demons, devils and other monstrosities. This new army is led by Sirrek the Unholy, leader of the Knights of the Abyss and the right hand man of Lord Caramus.

This army joins the current siege army and begins a direct assault on the main gates of the inner city. Here is where the final battle plays out.

The players have a decision to make. They can either aid the forces of good and do what they can to help hold the main gate or they can flee. Either using magic (all spells are now working normally) or they can sneak out through the sewers again. Either way, it's the players choice - stay and fight or escape the city.

If the players stay and fight, then the Gate is held and the forces of good are victorious. After throwing everything they've got at the gate, the myranor mages successful repel the attacks. Eventually, they punch enough holes in the assault that the siege is broken. The duthelm forces begin to break apart and disband. By the end of the day, the Duthelm orcs begin to withdraw.




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