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Section 1 - The Siege of Myranor


In this opening Section, there is war in the air between Duthelm and Kitar. Duthelm has been massing troops and raids have begun. It is the prelude to a full scale war. One way or another, the players become embroiled in this war. They could start off as innocent bystanders. Or they could be taking advantage of the war to run rampant through Duthelm territory, attacking and stealing from orcs. (It is assumed that the party is generally good aligned, as the Jaidor Talisman is essentially a campaign in which the players act against Duthelm and try to thwart evil). No matter how it happens, the players become involved and eventually find themselves fighting orcs, winning battles and generally making a name for themselves. They become heroes through these actions. Or itís possible that they already were heroes and are well known. In any case, their names come to the attention of Rukemian officials. The officials seek to employ the players in a more official capacity and begin asking them to take on specific missions with specific military goals. Always these missions are against Duthelm and are related to ending or winning the war. This section can go on as long as you like. During this section, there are some specific missions detailed out for the players to undertake. This section should take several adventures and the players should be mid-level , 5th to 9th level, by the end of it.

Getting the Characters Involved in the War

Initially, it is up to you to get the characters involved in the War with Duthelm somehow. Here are some ideas:

  1. One of their villages is wiped out by orcs and ogres from Duthelm.
  2. Hired on as conscript soldiers. Or hired into town militia.
  3. Captured by Duthelm orcs and mistreated, but subsequently escape


Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

Part 1 - Journey to Myranor
Part 2 - The Sewers of Myranor
Part 3 - The Battle for Myranor
Part 4 - The Contents of the Satchel

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