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Section 1 - The Siege of Myranor

Part 1 - Journey To Myranor


In this opening Section, there is war in the air between Duthelm and Kitar. Duthelm has been massing troops and raids have begun. It is the prelude to a full scale war. One way or another, the players become embroiled in this war. They could start off as innocent bystanders. Or they could be taking advantage of the war to run rampant through Duthelm territory, attacking and stealing from orcs. (It is assumed that the party is generally good aligned, as the Jaidor Talisman is essentially a campaign in which the players act against Duthelm and try to thwart evil). No matter how it happens, the players become involved and eventually find themselves fighting orcs, winning battles and generally making a name for themselves. They become heroes through these actions. Or it’s possible that they already were heroes and are well known. In any case, their names come to the attention of Rukemian officials. The officials seek to employ the players in a more official capacity and begin asking them to take on specific missions with specific military goals. Always these missions are against Duthelm and are related to ending or winning the war. This section can go on as long as you like. During this section, there are some specific missions detailed out for the players to undertake. This section should take several adventures and the players should be mid-level , 5th to 9th level, by the end of it.

Getting the Characters Involved in the War

Initially, it is up to you to get the characters involved in the War with Duthelm somehow. Here are some ideas:

  1. One of their villages is wiped out by orcs and ogres from Duthelm.
  2. Hired on as conscript soldiers. Or hired into town militia.
  3. Captured by Duthelm orcs and mistreated, but subsequently escape.

The Knighting

At some point, you might want to really pull them into the conflict by having Kitar knight them. Depending on the level and fame of the PCs, the nature of this ceremony could vary greatly. If they are lower level and not well known, then this ceremony involves hiring “skilled” soldiers and giving them a rank. The ceremony might be done on a large number of soldiers. And perhaps a special unit would be formed. The PCs plus a few NPCs. If, however, the players are mid to high level and are somewhat known, this ceremony would be a special event just for them. In either case, it would involve a miscellany of Rukemian nobles and public officials.

During the ceremony, the player characters are required to recite the Knight's Oath.

The bottom line is, Rukemian officials want to hire them for a few special missions and think that granting them knighthood or some other grandiose title might influence them enough to get them to help.

Basically, you want to get the player characters into a position where the Rukemian government can give them a mission, a specific military assignment, and can expect them to do it. Either through fealty or some other obligation. Or maybe the players just want to fight Duthelm. It doesn’t matter.

Mission Briefing

The Rukemian government contacts the player characters, pulls them into a meeting. This meeting would most likely take place at Aridorn, but could also take place at any major Rukemian town in the north. Whatever fits best into your campaign. The meeting would be led by a Senator. It would also involve a few military officers, bodyguards and a handful of soldiers.

If held at Aridorn, then the meeting is held at the Imperial Military Headquarters. The characters are taking to a large conference hall.

The meeting includes Senator Nitavla, Senator Turall, Knight Commander Murok and Knight Commander Brell. Various guards and servants wait outside. The meeting is closed doors and private.

For two years, Duthelm is been aggressively expanding it's borders and attacking frontier villages. This has not been an all out war, but rather a build up as it masses its troops and readies itself. Tension has been building on both sides of the border while several battles have flared up.

The city of Myranor is the last bastion of strength in the north. It has been under full siege for more than two months. Over twenty thousand people are trapped within. Although they have vast resources of food and weapons, the strain is beginning to show.

Luckily, King Davillon and several of the High Council members were out of the city when the siege began. But many nobles are still trapped. King Davillon has been commanding his armies from mobile battle field encampments.

The Duthelm army is being aided by the Black Sorcerers, the elite spell casters of the Citadel. They are using some sort of device to create magical interference such that the spells of the Kitaran mages are severely hampered. Spells of communication, which the Kitarans would normally be using, simply do not work.

Because of this magical interference, we have no way of communicating with anyone inside the city. We have tried carriage pigeon, but these have been shot down. And… eaten by the orcs. We also tried sneaking an archer close enough to the city walls to fire a message on an arrow inside. However, he was captured, killed and his body was catapulted back at us.

This has been the situation up there for two months. A massive army sits outside the gates of the city. Fighting along the city walls flares up every couple of days, but mostly it is a waiting game. With all lines of communication cut off, we have no idea what kind of condition they are in.

Recently, there was a terrible battle outside the main city gates as Kiegar's Regiment, one of the last full Kitaran regiments still fighting, poured down upon the city in a final attempt to break the strangle hold that the orcs have had on Myranor. A fantastic battle raged outside the city walls for a full day. In the end, the orcs won. Kiegar's regiment was routed and General Kiegar himself was killed.

What is not widely known is this - traveling with the regiment that day was a Rukemian spy… a man named Athmarak. He had been working under cover in the Citadel. But this particular day found him wounded and fighting along side a regiment of Kitaran soldiers outside the city walls of Myranor. It seems he was trying to reach Myranor. When the battle was ended, several officers from Kiegar's regiment had fought their way behind the city walls with help from those on the walls. Including Athmarak who is now inside the city.

We do not know why Athmarak left the Citadel. But he would not have done so unless he was in possession of extremely important information. At this point, we know very little.

We want you to infiltrate the siege, reach the inner city and make contact with the besieged authorities. Our information is so sketchy that we do not even know who is in command. We will give you an item of healing magic. We can only assume that the city is exhausted its healing magic. While on the inside, make contact with Athmarak. Find out why he left the Citadel. It must be important. And escort him safely back to into Kitaran held lands. In addition to Athmarak, there is another person whom we would have you escort. During one of the siege battles, an orcish chieftain was captured. We believe he is being held by the authorities in Myranor and we want the prisoner brought out so that he can be properly interrogated. He undoubtedly has valuable tactical knowledge of the war.

Summary of Mission Goals

1.       Infiltrate the siege area and get into the city.

2.       Deliver the healing magic item to the officials at Myranor.

3.       Find Athmarak and the orcish chieftain and escort them both out of Myranor and back to Imperial held territory.

4.       Get a detailed report about what is going on inside Myranor.


Once the mission briefing is over, the party will be given an opportunity to equip themselves. The Rukemian officials can supply the player characters with whatever mundane items they request. Some minor magic items (potions, scrolls) are also given to the party.

The player characters are escorted over land by horse to the town of Timber Point. They have a mounted escort of 10 soldiers and 1 captain. This trip is about 400 miles and will take approximately 8-10 days.

Toward the end of this journey, the characters see a razed village. Burned bodies, burned building shells, horse hoof prints, boot prints, orcish footprints, blood, all valuables taken. Flag of Duthelm planted in the ground.

Timber Point

The characters arrive in the town of Timber Point. Smoke rising from a small collection of 50 log buildings. This town is not walled, but a log palisade is being constructed. Less than half finished.

Characters are hailed by a young soldier (named Terrin) who bids them welcome to Timber Point. It looks like a normal town. In and around the buildings are a large number of tents. A rather large number of armored soldiers going to and fro. Looks like a regiment is in town between patrols.

The young soldier, named Terrin, guides the group to a large building near the center of town. He offers to tie up the horses while they go in. The leader is Commander Forster.

The player characters talk with Commander Forster. He tells them that the best way to approach Myranor is by sea with the thick morning fog. He assures them that they should be able to land fairly close without being seen. A Rukemian ship, the Titan, is standing by, reading to take them in.

If the players suggest that they want to try a direct assault over land, Commander Forster tells them that is not a good idea. Enemy encampments around Myranor are too dense.

A better way into the city might be into the harbor and then into the sewers. The sewers and catacombs beneath Myranor are extensive. They are partially built upon the ruins of the city upon which Myranor is built. The Duthelm army can't get large numbers of  troops in there. It's not a practical entrance. The tunnels are not very large and there are numerous defenses against an invading army using the sewers in such a way. But it might be a way in for a small team with the right skills and magic.

If the player characters ask to have additional troops sent in with them as support, Forster makes excuses about supply shortages, troop shortages, enemy units over running borders and the like. He can't spare the soldiers. The player characters are on their own.

However, the commander can send a box of water breathing potions (one for each player character) with them to help them with their infiltration of the harbor and the sewers.

Journey to Myranor

Once they’ve been briefed by the Commander and equipped, the player characters set out.

Day 1 - Characters are on the Titan travelling around the north tip of land. The player characters will be able to see the distant fires of orc encampments on the shore.

Day 2 - The player characters hear a distant rumbling, followed by a series of huge 40 foot waves that slam into their ship. Only because of the Titan's size is it not capsized.

Day 3 - Early in the morning of day 3, the Titan stops 5 miles off coast. It is VERY FOGGY and a light misty rain begins to fall. The characters switch to a 7 meter long boat. They row their way in with two shipmates. As they get closer to the city, the fog gets thicker. Pretty soon, they can't see at all.


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