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Section 5 - The Desolation of Shidar


This part of the campaign is the journey through the Desolation. Basically, it's just that... a journey. The party is trekking a few hundred miles through a dangerous peninsula to the ruins on the north end. This whole region is abandoned. There are many sites of ancient ruins here, the crumbling remnants of towns and such, but no civilization. No one lives here. No towns, no cities, just ruins and monsters. (Although Kaelig has told them about the phanglir, a humanoid race that is indigenous to the Desolation).

The party members must mix and consume one dose of their antidote each morning or else they will contract the Scourge, the sickness that kills everyone who ventures into the Desolation unprotected. The antidote is delicate... it cannot be premixed. Strong magical fields will ruin the antidote (once its mixed).

The party can travel at whatever pace they want and make camp whenever they want. Depending on various factors, it'll take anywhere from 6 to 12 days to reach the ruins of Shidar.


Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

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