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The phanglir are the descendants for the various humanoid races that once dwelled in the Shidaran Peninsula. Now they struggle to survive in the incredibly hostile Desolation of Shidar. The Phanglir appear as hulking brutish humanoids with pale greenish brown skin that is spotted with dark green splotches. They have somewhat broad, flat heads that sit on their broad shoulders with no necks. Their faces have a vaguely amphibious characteristic. Three broad fingers on each hand. Phanglir, both male and female, are bald. In fact, phanglir have completely hairless bodies.

Phanglir are intelligent and warlike race. They have mastered the workings of metal, including iron. Phanglir tend to rebuild and inhabit the ruins of the desolation. Several clans of phanglir have taken over sections of the Old Wall. They have successfully recovered Chaddamarian weapons, including dragonmaw cannons and other rocket-based technology. They have developed the technique for creating "fire powder" and manufacture it in vast quantities. Each summer, the phanglir clans prepare for the onslaught of the Horde. Whereas the omarin run, hide or hole up in caves, the phanglir stand their ground and fight. They do so from the safety of fortress walls, firing rockets into the Horde and fighting to the last man. The phanglir are incredibly stubborn and bull-headed, refusing to back down even against the impossible numbers of the Horde. However, they are smart warriors maneuvering for every possible advantage. Phanglir fight to win. Against the Horde, every advantage helps.

The phanglir and the omarin are the only two civilized races which inhabit the Desolation of Shidar. Few people know of their existence and the Church of the Chaddamar Theocracy maintains that the phanglir (and the omarin) do not exist. The official church position is that NOTHING can survive in the Desolation.

The phanglir worship Saesha, Lady of the Light, the Sky Goddess. She is a fierce warrior woman of their race. According to their belief, Saesha watches over all phanglir from the sky. She favors bravery and rewards warriors who overcome through skill at arms and wits. She protects the phanglir from Urkek, the Dark Lord. Urkek is the Night, the darkness in shadows, the black between the stars. He is all things cruel and terrible. He sends the Horde each year to poison the land and wipe out goodness forever.

The phanglir are divided up into clans. These clans are independent of each other, but never attack or raid each other. In fact, many of the phanglir clans cooperate and even unite. Some are nomadic while others dwell in ruins which they have rebuilt and fortified. The largest phanglir clan is the Clan Drogur. The chieftain of Clan Drogur is Skaynos the Cleaver. Clan Drogur is over 2000 soldiers strong. They hold a large section of the Old Wall.


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