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Section 2 - The Sea Voyage


In this Section, we start to get into the real meat of the campaign. In the midst of the war with Duthelm,  the Rukemian Empire discovers a diabolical new threat thanks to the efforts of several Rukemian spies. Documents, a map and a letter, have been smuggled out of Duthelm that indicate that Duthelm has found a shipwreck and on that shipwreck was a map which seems to indicate the location of the Jaidor Talisman... an obscure magical item from the Great War. Upon reviewing the letter and the map, Rukemia learns that the Jaidor Talisman was a potent weapon used in the Great War and that the map is most likely authentic. The spies were able to smuggle out a copy of the map along with the letter, from one of the Rukemian spies, that told all this.

So, Rukemain has a copy of the map. And Duthelm has a copy of the map. The map does indeed show the location of the Talisman and also indicates a specific route. Both sides want to acquire the Talisman. Neither side can prevent the other side from learning about the map. So, it boils down to a race. The player characters are heroes from the war and they are selected, along with others, to go on three Rukemain ships and travel across the sea to Aggradar.

This section, Section 2, details out the sea voyage. It's a long trip and will take about a month and a half. On this journey, you, as the game master, can have all sorts of fun with the players. There are all manner of obstacles you can put in there way. Stowaways, strange new monsters, hostile aquatic intelligent races, icebergs, mutinies... you name it.

This section gives a rough outline of the journey. You don't have to follow these notes. You can make up a whole new journey if you like. The point is that it's a long sea voyage. Rukemia is sending it's best three ship. It's a race. You can have the two naval convoys hundreds of kilometers apart, never seeing each other and battling obstacles alone. Or you could have the two groups of shipping constantly battling each other as they clash, part and clash again. It's totally up to you.

In the following pages, I'll give you some examples and ideas. You can do whatever you like. By the end of the voyage, the player characters should be looking forward to setting their feet on dry land. Of course, once they get to Aggradar, it's a whole new world. Strange new races, alien cultures and kingdoms they have never heard of. The sea voyage is only the first half of the journey!

Naval Terminology and Culture

Before you start the sea voyage, brush up on your naval history and terminology. Here are some pages on the Khoras site to get you started.

  1. Mariner's Cant - a brief overview of the language of Ithrian sailors
  2. Mariner Superstitions


Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

The Three Ships
The Third Wind Crew Roster
The Master Supply List
Results for a Legend Lore Spell
Sea Voyage - Days 1 through 6
Sea Voyage - Days 7 through 12
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Sea Voyage - Days 37 through 49

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