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Section 3 - Journey Across Aggradar


After two months at sea with all manner of trials and obstacles. They are probably battered and bruised and ready to get back on dry land.

The players can land at any place on the Aggradar coast that you want, but I advise you to have the land at the city of Okslad. That's where the notes are.

In general, the players journey across the continent of Aggradar and will have the following adventures in this order:

1. They start at the coastal city of Okslad. This is their first contact with the nations and cultures of Aggradar. This is a friendly nation and the player characters can learn a lot here.

2. The players travel through a dangerous maze of winding canyons known as Fyrren's Wandering.

3. Emerging from Fyrren's Wandering, the player characters come to the Aukarian Republic, a large and powerful nation divided up into noble houses.

4. The players journey through a vast swamp wherein rules a powerful sorcerer and his minions.

5. From there, the players make their way into the Chaddamar Theocracy... a religiously oppressed nation. Here they learn of treasures, histories and wonders which lead them to the campaign conclusion... the final resting place of the Jaidor Talisman. But before they can seek it out, they must track down a few things they'll need to complete the mission.

5. Finally, their quest leads them to the heart of a desolate wasteland at the edge of the world.

A Word About Travel

This section of the campaign is primarily a journey across the continent of Aggradar. A JOURNEY. So don't let the players mess it up by casting teleport and astral plane and all those other ridiculously overpowered spells. Limit their magic. Set down rules. It doesn't matter how you do it, but there should be SERIOUS limitations on their spells. Keep in mind that the adventure of this campaign IS the journey. If they can bypass everything with a teleport spell, then what's the point?

Also, there are some spells that allow flight. If magical flight is abused, it can shorten the journey by too much. There are several things in the following sections that can limit the players ability to use magic to cross large distances quickly... specifically, Fyrren's Wandering is a magic deadened region where magic is sapped out of spells that have a long duration. For full details, refer to Fyrren's Wandering.


Main Plot of the Jaidor Talisman Campaign

Campaign Overview - By Section

Basic Knowledge of Aggradar
The Magrakian Language
Part 1 - The City of Okslad
Part 2 - Fyrren's Wandering
Part 3 - The Aukarian Republic
Part 4 - Kaelig
Part 5 - The Kalanos Marshes


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