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Myranor - Capital City of Kitar

"Of Myranor,  I can only say that when our Lord Draxorith returns to this world, it is this city that will be the first to fall."
-Lord Caramus of Duthelm

Myranor, capital city of the northern kingdom of Kitar

Ruler His Most Magnificient Nobility, Lord of the Snowy Timber, Scourge of the Ogrish Lands, Guardian of the Great Rukemian Empire, Keeper of the King's Relics, King Davillon Arkain
Population 48,600
Demographics Human 63%, Elven 11%, Ogre 10%, Dwarven 8%, Borrellian 5%, Orc 3%
Adjectival/Demonym Myranian/Myranians
Languages Rukemian 85%, Northern 15%
Nationality Kitar
National Colors Blue, gray and green
Year Founded 1758
Currency Rukemian
Natural Resources Extensive forests, forest fauna and flora, maritime fauna and flora, apples, grapes, bitter berries, crullen berries, zellan fruit, cattle
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Lumber (especially ironwood), wood crafte dgoods, ships, foodstuffs, seafood, furs and pelts, leather and leather crafted goods, salted beef
Wealth Above Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Rukemia, War Vale, Normidia
Enemies Duthelm, Borrell
Walled Yes
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Erylon
Other Religion Barrinor, Semorjon
Climate Temperate
Terrain Forested hills, grasslands, light forest


Myranor is the capital city of the Kingdom of Kitar. Myranor is, in many ways, the northern frontier city of the Empire and it is Myranor that forms the first line of defense against Duthelm. Myranor rules all the lands of the northern empire and protects several large towns and dozens of villages along the coast. Myranor is a large and varied city with a number of excellent inns and guilds. The population of Myranor is a mix of hardy types - farmers, hunters, trappers, woodsmen, sailors, soldiers and mercenaries. Myranor is a strong community where men survive by their wits and their blades, but it is also a fair city ruled by a just king.


Myranor is built upon the ruins of the Thullian imperial city of Bretark. Bretark was a major trading and shipping center in its day but was badly damaged during one of the major land quakes of the world storm. Late in the Great War, it was laid siege and finally brought down. The ruins of Bretark lay buried for centuries... half scattered upon the shores and half submerged in the harbor.

After the dissolution of the Thullian Empire following the Great War, the forested region of the north was home to many small lumber towns and fishing villages. The people of the north were farmers and woodsmen, rangers and lordless knights... fragments of the once great northern empire. When the king of Rukemia was overthrown in 1456 CY and the Rukemian Empire formed, there followed a flurry of activity in the northern towns. Many meetings were held in town halls as fears over imperial tyranny were aired. As if prophesized, imperial troops did come. However, the northerners were ready. Militias were gathered and they were led by the greatest hero of the region, a hunter named Ballok. Well known for his mane of wild red hair and ferocity in battle, many choose to follow him. Ballok engaged the imperial soldiers in the forests that he and the other hunters and woodsmen knew well. By using terrain and devious tactics, several battles won and the imperial advance was halted. Ballok was killed in the final skirmish but his fame had spread wide. Even in modern times, woodsmen will utter an oath in Ballok's name.

Things were quiet for over a hundred years and the northern villages enjoyed a time of peace. Then, in 1758 CY, the Empire annexed Ormek, an independent kingdom to the far south. Fearing the same may happen to them, the woodsmen, rangers and mountain men of the north declared themselves an independent nation, Kitar. One woodsman, by the name of Bael Arkain, who was popular with the commoners, was made king. Shortly after, the northern people began to rebuild the ruins of Bretark and the city of Myranor was founded.

Over the next three decades, the Empire continued to grow and expand its territory. Through these years, border clashes had continued and escalated between the empire and Kitar. King Arkain proved to be a just king and ruled wisely during the young nation's formative years. However, he feared that his small nation would not stand long against the growing strength of the Rukemian empire. In the year 1824 CY, the aging king's son, Prince Verris Arkain , followed an ancient map to ruins in the Ice Rock Mountains and recovered three artifacts from the time of the Great War - a ring, a scepter and a crown. With these three artifacts, an ancient book was also found.

The King's Magus spent months studying the strange glyphs within the ancient tome and the mysterious energies of the ensorcelled relics. Eventually, he was able to decipher their aura and learned that they must "serve one of royal blood". The ancient book described a ritual, which, when performed, would unite the artifacts with a royal master and activate their powers. The King's dying command was that the the ritual be performed upon Prince Verris. That very night, the King died and the Prince ascended to the throne at Myranor. The ritual was performed and the glory of these three artifacts was revealed. The King's Relics, as they were named, were powerful indeed and they helped turn the tide of the war with the Empire. A truce with the Empire was won and the Treaty of 1826 was signed were in Kitar would remain a separate nation but would be unite with the Empire and apply certain imperial laws and pay imperial taxes. In exchange, Kitar would receive military and economic benefits from the Empire. This arrangement has proven fruitful for both sides and today Kitar is the most stable of the four "subordinate" nations ruled by the Rukemian Empire.

In more recent history, Myranor has had trouble with the neighboring kingdom of Duthelm. Duthelm made allies with the orc tribes of the mountains and an extradimensional race of beings that they brought into the world through a magical rift. With these allies, Duthelm began a war with Kitar in early 2009 CY. The war raged for a year and a half culminating in the siege of Myranor during the summer of 2010 CY. With the combined might of Kitaran and Rukemian forces, the siege was finally broken and the hordes of Duthelm routed.

Over the past few years, an uneasy truce as existed between Kitar and Duthelm.


The Myranor government is steeped heavily in tradition. First and foremost, Myranor is a traditional monarchy and is ruled by a king. Sovereignty is passed down from father to son through the Arkain family. The King is supported by a Council of Advisors with whom he meets regularly and who answer directly to him.

bullet King's Advisor - A general advisor to the king.
bullet City Master - Responsible for construction, safety, financial and other projects within the city limits.
bullet Ritual Master - Responsible for conducting all official ceremonies - weddings, crownings, etc.
bullet Master of Arms - The supreme military commander of Myranor.
bullet Imperial Representative - The Emperor's representative in Kitar.
bullet King's Magus - The supreme authority on all magical matters and advisor to the King on such matters.
bullet Royal Physician - A healer dedicated to the royal family.
bullet Master Chamberlain - Responsible for running the royal palace and tending to the day to day needs of the royal family.
bullet Border Commander - Commander of the border patrols and monitoring Duthelmian activity.

Beyond this council of advisors, the King is greatly aided by three legendary artifacts, the King's Artifacts: The Crown of Wisdom, the Scepter of Might and the Ring of Truth. These three artifacts are enchanted with powerful magicks. They were recovered from ancient ruins centuries ago and have been passed down, from father to son, ever since. Due to the mystical nature of these artifacts and the fact that they must "bond" with the user, they are always handed down in an elaborate ceremony conducted after the crowning of a new king.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Myranor is the governmental seat of the nation, residence of the royal family, headquarters of Kitar’s military forces and university all in one. Within this large castle is the main conference hall where King Davillon meets with his Council of Advisors.

Imperial Embassy

Lord Nederik Maguir II is the official imperial ambassador to King Davillon. He commands much respect in Kitar as he has frequent audiences with the King and answers directly to the Lord Chancellor in Aridorn. Lord Maguir resides within the walls of the Imperial Embassy, which is a small, luxurious residence situated near the Royal Palace.


Myranor has a fair system of law compared with many other kingdoms. It has a common set of laws tempered with common sense over centuries. Over the past few centuries, since Kitar was formed, Myranorean law has had to adjust to certain imperial law imposed by Rukemia. Primarily, the inclusion of slavery and the laws that go with it.

The Common Laws of Myranor


Myranor is a very heavily fortified city. It's northern location (and the influence of history) make it the first line of defense against Duthelm for all the eastern lands. For these reasons, Myranor is built to withstand a siege. 

Myranor has two city walls - an outer wall and an inner wall - which divide the city into three sections. Both walls are immense things being 32 meters tall (104 feet) and 11 meters thick (36 feet). A walkway runs along the top with crenellations for archers to take up positions and guards to patrol between guard towers. This city was built to withstand a siege and it shows in the walls.

The City Guard

This force of some 3000 soldiers is the standard city guard and keeps the peace in the city. They patrol in groups of four (three fighters and one officer). City guard wear shining chainmail, very heavy cloaks (to keep out the cold), high leather boots and iron helms with visors. They wield broadswords and large shields bearing the standard of Kitar.

The King's Guard

The most elite soldiers are sometimes invited to serve in the King's Guard. These small force of highly trained and well equipped fighters are charged with the protection of the king. This group was formed when the then Prince Davillon was kidnapped by forces working for Duthelm. He was later rescued but the experience gave Davillon a sense of his own vulnerability and so the King's Guard was formed. Many soldiers vie for membership in the King's Guard in a yearly competition that involves grueling tests and non-lethal arena combat. It is a rank of prestige and honor. Membership is for life. A King's Guardsman wears shining plate armor which is enchanted as to be light and comfortable (and resistant to damage). They wear billowing white cloaks and tunics. Like the regular city guard, their shields are adorned with the Kitaran standard. All fight with long swords.

Fort Myran - Military Headquarters

Fort Myran serves as the main city garrison and headquarters for the royal Kitaran army, the City Guard, the Kitaran Knights and the King's Guard. This huge complex includes the main fortress, four barracks buildings, stables, training grounds, an archery range, grain silos, a small gladiatorial arena, a military prison and the private docks for military ships. Approximately 1,600 soldiers are stationed here and are served by a staff of 185 civilians. The stables house 400 horses.The Hall of the Kitaran Knights is also found here. The Kitaran Knights, approximately 200 in number, live and work separately in their own hall. They also have their own private stables which house some 220 horses.

Imperial Garrison

Located very close to the Imperial Embassy. The empire maintains a military presence in Myranor. Officially, this is to aid the city militia and local government. However, it is widely known that the imperial troopers stationed here are primarily to make sure that imperial laws are enforced. There are 300 imperial soldiers stationed here. They occupy themselves with routine patrols of the city, pursuing imperial criminals, aiding the local authorities, serving as bodyguards for visiting imperial dignitaries and hunting down the “Freedom Fighters” to protect the slave trade. There is a subtle, but evident tension between the local royal government and the imperial presence. This tension is always kept under a veneer of civility, but it has flared up once or twice in the last decade.

The City Dungeon

This huge fortress is surrounded by two great stony walls. It is guarded by 80 soldiers and is home to some 1400 prisoners that live in a maze of cells and guard chambers, some deep underground. Most criminals in Myranor serve out their sentences here.


Erylon is widely worshipped in Myranor. There are several small wilderness shrines dedicated to Erylon outside of the city. Within the city, there are major churches dedicated to Imarus, Barrinor and Semorjon. Lesser churches and minor shrines exist to all the other Elder Gods and Celestials.

Myranor is not an overly religious city. The population is mostly craftsmen, woodsmen, workers, dockhands and laborers. They are more concerned with the day's work than bending knee to grand ideals.


Myranor's economy is based on lumber, seafood and fine pelts. The vast forests of the north supply a variety of hardwoods, herbs, dyes and flowers. The waters surrounding the kingdom are excellent fishing grounds. Finally, furriers and trappers make a good living trapping a variety of wildlife. Mink, fox, wolf, ermine, elk and deer can be found in this region.

Glittering Prize

Edward Trask is a lord and nobleman who has been charged with monetary control within Myranor. He is on good terms with several members of the King's Council and makes sure that all money that circulates in the city is from the official Imperial mint. The Glittering Prize is a tiny money changing shop which gives an 85% exchange rate.

The Mercantile Guild

Small and informal assembly of all business owners.

Guilds and Organizations

The People's Watch

A local volunteer group of 85 members that patrol the streets at night and work to keep Myranor safe. The People's Watch cooperates with the city guard. This group helps keep street gangs and such under control.

The Arcane Order

A small wizard's guild. Founded and currently led by Andrimus, the Light Weaver. Myranor has few spellcasters and most are members of the Arcane Order. The Order currently has 19 members, but most of them are of limited ability. Andrimus is the only truly powerful wizard in the city.

The Freedom Fighters

Founded long ago by a orc slave who fought his way to freedom, this underground group fights against the government and the Slavers Guild, doing what they can to free slaves by any means necessary. Usually, this involves thieving activities to raise money to purchase slaves legally and then set them free. However, this also can include direct attacks against Slavers in the city to free slaves or covert infiltration of the Slaver Guild Hall to free slaves directly from the Slavers’ own dungeons. It is known that the Freedom Fighters have allies among the public in the city and receive funding and safe places to hide from the authority. The local Myranor militia only half heartedly pursues these rebellious activists. However, the imperial troopers stationed here are on strict orders to do whatever is necessary to stop this group and protect the slave trade.

Myranor Royal University

A large complex of several schools and colleges. Also houses the largest library in the kingdom, the Royal University Library. The Sages Council can be found here that debate and study and teach throughout the year. Generally speaking, this is a small university. And there are only 6 sages on the Sages Council. Kitar is not an overly intellectual nation.

Farmers' Market

This large collection of shoppes is collectively known as the Farmers' Market. It serves as the agrarian guild, feed and grain stores, apothecary and stables. It also has several warehouses, public gardens and a meeting hall. The market administrator is a man named Searlin. The Farmers' Market is government aided and considered a part of the government.

The Slave Lords

The Slave Lords are an independent guild of slavers who maintain a network of guild houses throughout the eastern kingdoms and also have a few waystations along the southern coast. They capture "primitives" from the west and transport them to the eastern empire (usually by ship). The Slave Lords have a rigid hierarchical rank structure and are easily identified by the black outfits and colored sashes (each color signifies a different rank). The Slave Lords maintain a small guild house in Myranor.


Important People

King Davillon Arkain

A handsome king of fair complexion, deep blue intelligent yes and brown hair. He is deeply concerned with the security and prosperity of his kingdom. Throughout much of Kitar's recent history, imperial interference has been of great concern. In the tradition of Kitaran strength and independence, King Davillon has done his best to maintain his kingdom's freedom from too much Rukemian influence. The imperial presence is respected, but ambassadors and representatives from the empire are kept on a short lease.

Queen Isara Arkain

A long-haired brunette beauty with a bewitching smile. She is a talented singer and dancer and has often entertained the nobles at court with both. She is utterly devoted to her king and the two are very much in love. Queen Isara dabbles in herbalism and magic, although she is still very much a neophyte.

Darian, King's Advisor

The King's personal advisor is an older human named Darian. He is a man of average build with a completely bald head and clean shaven face. He has intelligent grey eyes and a warm smile. His steady, baritone voice and confident manner commands respect. He speaks a multitude of languages and is well versed in politics, military strategy, history, religion, art, heraldry and many other topics. He has a private audience with the King almost daily. Darian treats the King and Queen very much like a loving uncle.

Clarys Erlon, the City Master

A short, fat, balding and thoroughly disagreeable man who is usually unshaven and has the appearance of one who has slept in his clothes. Clarys is responsible for construction, safety, financial and other projects within the city limits. He also is responsible for the collection of taxes, payment of government officials and legal disputes.

Saurell, the Ritual Master

Saurell is a tall, thin imposing figure with a beak of a nose, angular cheekbones, piercing grey eyes and curly grey hair. He has a reputation of being cool, unemotional and detached. Saurell is responsible for conducting all official ceremonies for the government. This includes coronations, royal weddings, various government ceremonies, the Ascension to the Throne ceremony, christenings and more.

Belisar, Master of Arms and Guild Master of the War Academy

Renowned for a feisty temperament and confrontational manner, he is the supreme military commander of Myranor and the leader of the warriors guild  Belisar is a short grey haired man with a short beard, beady eyes and multiple scars. He fights with two blades.

Nederick Pyrian Maquire II, Imperial Ambassador

The Emperor's representative in Kitar. Pale skinned, blonde hair with a pony tail, bright green eyes. Nederick is somewhat arrogant in his position and doesn't like anyone stepping on imperial authority. Deep down, he is a coward and will yield if confronted forcefully. For the most part, Maguir stays out of the King's way and allows the kingdom some leeway.

Nolken, King's Magus

A very old human male with a long grey beard and a bad back. His hands are calloused from working with reagents. He is the supreme authority on all magical matters and advisor to the King on such matters. In his spare time, he dabbles in alchemy and herbalism. He has quite a talent for concocting elixirs and potions to cure any ill.

Garamand, Royal Physician

Garamond is the royal family's personal healer. He also tends to the ills and wounds of many high ranking people in the palace and throughout the government. He leads a small staff of healers that minister throughout the city.

Uthal, Master Chamberlain

Responsible for running the royal palace and tending to the day to day needs of the royal family. Leads the palace staff.

Melkran, Border Commander

A tall, handsome young man with finely chiseled features, long blonde hair  and brown eyes. Wears leather armor, a green cloak and carries a long bow and slender, one edged blade. Melkran is the commander of the Border Watch. His border patrols are charged with monitoring Duthelmian activity. Melkran is the one who reports back to the Council on any strange activity in Duthelm or along the border. However, in truth, Melkran dislikes attending council and would much prefer to be out riding. Fortunately for him, his duties allow him to be absent from many council meetings.

Andrimus, the Light Weaver

Andrimus is the most powerful mage in the city of Myranor (and possibly throughout Kitar). Andrimus is a specialist in illusions and invisibility. He is a member of the Myranor Guild of Mages and, it is rumored, once apprenticed under the mage Morlokk.

Other People of Myranor


The Finding Festival

Although not the largest festival in the land, this is perhaps the most politically significant and one in which the royal family and nobles take the greatest part in. The Finding Festival, held on Spellwan 14 at the height of summer, celebrates the day that the crown prince Verris Arkain recovered the King's Artifacts and swung the tide of the war with the empire in 1824 CY. This festival involves a number of parades in the noble district of the city, formal dances, public speeches by nobles, toasts and formal receptions. Landed nobles, dukes and barons from all over the nation come to the city to attend. It is the social event of the year for the nobility.

The Woodland Festival

The largest festival in Kitar is held in autumn in a large forest 4 kilometers outside of Myranor. This four day festival is very popular with the commoners and peasants, serfs and common laborers from all over the nation will attend. The Woodland Festival involves drinking contests, colorful parades, body painting, dancing, singing, a number of contests and competitions, gambling, crafts and, quite often, marriages. The Woodland Festival is renowned for wild festivities, public nudity and every imaginable excess. The woods where this festival is held has over 60 tree houses which are built on ground level and perched in the trees. They are tended year round, but only see activity during this festival during which time they are filled with raucous laughter and drunken revelry. Also known as the Myranor Forest Faire.

City Districts

The two walls divide the city into three sections: the outer city, which is mostly hovels and shacks; the middle city, which is home to shops and taverns, craftsmen and freemen; and the inner city, which is the sanctuary of the nobles, scholars, priests and the wealthy. At the center of the inner city is the royal castle. The middle city, inner city and castle all have their own armories, garrisons and storehouses for keeping stockpiles of critical supplies for use during a siege.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Twin Statues of Bael Arkain, First King of Myranor and Verris Arkain, Hereo of the King's Relics

The two greatest leaders in Kitar's history are it's first two kings. Bael Arkain, a warrior and woodsmen, rallied the people during troubled times and founded a kingdom centuries ago. His son, Verris Arkain, who would succeed him on the throne, turned the tide of a war by retrieving the King's Relics from ancient ruins and gave the nation a symbol of authority and leadership to unite behind. Both these men are honored by a statue. These two statues are granite skillfully carved to the likeness of each man. Overlaying the stone are plates of copper, finely wrought and etched. These two statues flank the entrace to the central plaza which stands before the Royal Palace. The copper plated statues, polished weekly, gleam in the summer sun.

The Statue of Kardello

Hero of the Demon War siege some 150 years ago. Saved the lives of the King and Queen, did many heroic deeds during the battle, killed over 150 orcs himself. Took a horse over the wall and leapt into the fray at the height of the siege. Disappeared into a storm of blades. Was last seen fighting his way across a field of orcs and ogres. His body was never recovered, but was likely hacked to pieces by the Duthelm horde. Kardello was declared the first “knight” of Kitar – he was knighted posthumously. And this was the beginning of the Knights of Kitar.

City Gardens

The formal city gardens of Myranor are spread out over five terraces arranged in a pentagram. At the center of each terrace is a large fountain adored with statues of nymphs, faeries and woodland creatures.. A broad cobblestone path encircles each terrace with smaller paths winding about the gardens. Benches are positioned here and there about the gardens to take advantage of the most picturesque views.. The whole area is encircled by a ring of tall wind dancer trees. The city gardens are tended to be a small group of gardeners, herbalists and druids - volunteers from the city. While some parts of the gardens to burst with the color of dozens of blossoming flowers, most of the garden is a quiet and respectful nature preserve, highlighting many of the plants and bushes native to this northern region. Many of the plants along the paths are labeled and identified. The gardens are open to the public during the day, free of charge. The gardens close at night and patrolled by the city guard.  There are no gates or fences to keep trespassers out at night and the Talons and other rogues have used the gardens for nefarious activities. The gardens are quite large and more than one thief has successfully eluded pursuit by dodging into them.

The Haunted Tower of Ildrik

On a hill overlooking the city of Myranor, there is a great stony tower. This dark shadow against the sky sends a shiver down the spine of many Myranoreans. Once, long ago, this was the home of the great wizard, Ildrik. During the Demon War, Ildrik betrayed his king and country and aided the hordes of Duthelm in their siege of Myranor. When the seige was broken by Rukemian knights, he was captured and tried for treason. Found guilty, he was to be executed on the steps of his own tower. On the morning of his execution, Ildrik broke free from the guards, wrestled a dagger from the hands of his captors and plunged the blade into his heart. As his blood stained the ground before his tower, he cast a spell and called down a terrible curse upon the city. He died on the grass in the shadow of his tower. All of this was a century and a half ago.

The tower has since been explored, stripped of valuables and inhabited. However, in the last 140 years, it has been sold over a dozen times. Rumors that the tower is haunted by the ghost of Ildrik persist. Strange lights and ghastly wails are sometimes seen and heard at night emanating from the tower. To this day, most belief that the tower is haunted. The roads and trails to the south give the tower a wide berth. Few dare approach this dark edifice.

Architecture and Infrastructure

Because Myranor is built upon the ruins of an ancient Thullian city, it has absorbed many Thullian traits in its rebuilding. Most Myranor architecture has subtle Thullian traits that betray the history of the region. Octagonal columns and towers are common as are angular designs. Every building has a "badge" bearing a glyph or symbol that identifies either the buildings purpose, owner or builder. Such badges are usually keystones in arches on the front.

When Myranor dug its existing sewer system, many existing channels and underground corridors were incorporated to save time and money. Most of the ruins under the city were explored, stripped of valuables and then sealed up to help channel the sewer water. This outraged many historians at the time because they believed there was a great deal left to excavate. Numerous defenses are built into Myranor's sewer system to prevent an enemy from gaining entrance to the city during a siege. These same gates, traps and guardians deter rogues and such from gaining unauthorized access and using the sewers to elude authorities. 

The Harbor

The ruins under the waves in the harbor make for tricky navigation, especially during low tide.  A few fragments of ruins even break the surface of the water when the tide is very low. Often, harbor pilots are brought on board to guide the bigger ships in to dock. Diving treasure seekers have long ago scavenged anything of value from the harbor floor.

About a half kilometer (less than a mile) outside of the mouth of the harbor, there is a large collection of stony shards that pierce the waves like long jagged stony teeth. These shards of stone are the ruined remains of a tower and part of a wall. All that remains are seven slivers of stone. the largest of which is a part of the tower. These stones are called "the Fangs of Myranor". Among the older ship captains, they are sometimes called "Jessark's Teeth" although the origin of that name is lost to history. The Fangs are the first things you see when approaching the Myranor harbor. It is often said "You haven't reached Myranor til you see the Fangs". Approaching Myranor at night is dangerous because of these ruins. Therefore, the Harbor Master sends one of the harbor boys out each night in a rowboat to light a great iron lantern which hangs from the tallest of the Fangs. 

Myranor has an impressive harbor with many docks. Much of the shore along the outer city wall consists of hard, sharp black rock with numerous caves and blow holes. Waves often crash spectacularly against the black rocks and jet out of blow holes. Small boats are often crushed between the waves and rocks during storms. 


The Talons

Largest thieves guild in Myranor with a network of spies, informants, crime bosses, fences and corrupt city guards. The Talons focus primarily on moving and fencing stolen goods. The Talons take a very dim view of other thieving guilds and "rogue" thieves who operate independently. The current guild master of the Talons wishes to crush the other rogue guilds and assume complete control of crime in Myranor. The Talons operate a cover business, a shipping and warehouse business, called Raptor Imports.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Description
Black Gate
Inn - The Black Gate is a large and peaceful inn. Its 28 rooms are clean, spacious and very quiet. The inn is shaped like a horseshoe, with a two story building that wraps a complete ring circling a small garden. At the base of the "horseshoe" is the main gates, an immense black iron and oak set of doors, for which the inn is named. The main gate is closed every night when the city bell tolls ten and opens again every morning at dawn. Across the garden from the main gate is the main hall, kitchen, storage and private chambers of the staff. The Black Gate inn is owned and operated by a tall blonde man named Jathyar. He has piercing grey eyes, a quiet demeanor and an uncanny knack for reading exactly what his guests need. He speaks with a soft rasp, often including cryptic quotes and bits of wisdom in his daily conversation. Jathyar is assisted by Marec, the cook, Miressa, the house keeper and her son who tends the stable.
Flying Fox
Tavern - Chaermek is a retired sea captain from the Pirate Isles (and it's never quite clear to others whether he did the pirating or the pirate chasing). Chaermek is always ready with a tale of adventure on the high seas, which he will always insist is true. He has stories of a huge treasure on a small island which he plans on going back to recover, a colony of cannibalistic talking beetles and of the time a giant flying fox saved his life. He named his tavern after that strange creature and the emblem of a winged fox's head adorns the wall above the bar. The tavern itself is a cozy little two story building that sits on the edge of the river in middle town. It has one large main hall from which several very small "sleeper" rooms branch off. These sleeper rooms are little more than closets with a raised mattress and a curtain over the front where drunks and regulars can sleep off a night of drinking. Chaermek has his private sleeping chamber in the back with the kitchen, storage and the bedroom of the staff (which currently sleeps the cook and both barmaids). The food here is decent, the ale is watered down, but cheap.
Auric's Prize
Thoric Hergrim
Tavern - Thoric brews his own small masterpiece at this tavern, a thick, nutty brown ale known as Auric's Prize. It is named for the former Kitaran King (Davillon's father) because it was his favorite. The recipe has been passed down from father to son for generations. It is very popular with the local citizenry, however it is not exported and sold only in very small batches. So it's almost impossible to get this drink outside of Myranor.
Sea Hag
Tavern - This small tavern sits near the docks in the harbor district. The sign above the door declares "Food and Grog". It is well known for its seafood chowder. Gracie is a kindly old lady who runs the establishment with her fishermen husband and her three daughters. The establishment is named after her husband's boat. He provides a large portion of the fresh seafood served here.
The Wayfarer

Inn/Tavern/Store - This establishment is a blend of inn, tavern, general store and community hall. The Wayfarer caters primarily to rangers, woodsmen, furriers, trappers and farmers. The Wayfarer is a large stone and timber three story building that sits outside of Myranor on a hill, overlooking the outer city. First and foremost, the Wayfarer is a general store. However, it also has a full tavern, sixteen private rooms for rent, one noble suite, one large common room, a large 24 horse stable, extensive gardens, a full forge and several small workshops.

Bird's Claw Tavern

Tavern - A seedy inn and tavern on the river side docks in middle city. Not far from the shipping business operated by the Talons. This inn is connected to the underground tunnels through a secret entrance in the back. The clientele of this establishment is mostly thieves, bandits and brigands and an assortment of other unsavory types. It’s a dangerous tavern and everyone needs to watch their back here. The name of this establishment is a play on words – an obvious reference to the Talon thieves guild.

Hall of the White Hare
Lord Vishan

Gambling Hall and Social Club - This is where the elite go to relax and spend money. Nobles engage in high stakes games of chance, drink expensive wine, lounge on satin pillows and take their pleasure with slave girls. Expensive banquets are served here and there are sleeping chambers, private conference rooms and more… but most social activity here revolves around the main gaming hall. The White Hare is owned and operated by Lord Vishan, a young, tall and strikingly handsome man who wears his golden blonde hair long and loose. He is a quick wit and skilled gambler. Many believe he has a bit of elvish blood in him which might explain his pleasing, somewhat effeminate looks and youthful face. The White Hare club employs 12 barmaids, 20 “pleasure slaves”, four cooks, two bartenders, six security guards and a dozen general laborers who clean and tend the hall.


Name and Proprietor Description
Ur's Goods and Wares
General Store and Trading Post - Ur is a short, bald human male with a pair of Kalimuran spectacles and a soft voice. This strange little man is a shrewd merchant who carefully calculates every business transaction to the last copper. He is a very organized and efficient shop owner with a strict, albeit odd, code of personal honor. He believes that it is his business to squeeze the customer for every ounce of gold they have and that it is their responsibility to appraise the quality of the goods for themselves and not get swindled. Ur is very concerned about profits and will not give a customer one thread more than they pay for. He maintains extremely accurate records of his inventory. He is also very distrustful of his customers, and will not hesitate to go to the city guards with the slightest grievance. His miserly practices have made him a wealthy man. Much of that wealth goes into the store making it a more secure place. In the past three years, he has reinforced the doors with iron, purchased exceptional quality locks, barred the windows and purchase four guard dogs who keep the place safe at night. Ur lives in the back of the shop.
Auric's Prize
Thoric Hergrim
Tavern - Thoric brews his own small masterpiece at this tavern, a thick, nutty brown ale known as Auric's Prize. It is named for the former Kitaran King (Davillon's father) because it was his favorite. The recipe has been passed down from father to son for generations. It is very popular with the local citizenry, however it is not exported and sold only in very small batches. So it's almost impossible to get this drink outside of Myranor.
Steel and Stone
Dugall and Duncan
Smithy and Stone Mason Shop - This successful shop is both a blacksmith’s workshop and a stone mason’s shop. All manner of metal work and stone blocks can be found casually scattered about the main workshop which the two proprietors share. These two, Dugall and Duncan, are dwarven brothers, twins no less, who, for lack of a better word… hate each other. This is not some mild brotherly quarrel that flares up every now and again. These two truly can’t stand each other and will often argue in front of the customers. It is amazing that they have managed to stay in business this long. The only thing that saves them is their amazing skill at their respective trades and a promise they made to their noble dying father to open and run a shop together. The dwarves take their vows very seriously and these two will never quit, no matter how difficult it may become. Indeed, these two seem to be pushing each other, intentionally doing everything in their power to annoy the other enough to get him to break his vow and leave the shop. But so far, neither one of these stubborn dwarves will budge. Often times, one brother will inspect the other’s work and point out flaws. This inspires both brothers to work slavishly toward perfection. This is one reason why the customers will put up with their child like bickering – the work they put out is excellent and the prices are reasonable (After a day of fighting with each other, neither of them seems to have enough energy left to haggle and make a better profit).
Sable Rod Garment Shoppe
Roderick Black
Garment and Leather Shop - The Sable Rod is a small leather and garment shop in the outer city of Myranor (outside the main city walls). It is run by a single man, Roderick, who lives alone. Roderick Blacke is a gaunt man with intense black eyes and wild hair. This gives him a slightly maniacal appearance. In spite of his odd demeanor, his customers are put at ease by his friendly nature, polite manners and soft-spoken ways. He is a very civilized and well mannered man who is a bit timid and never charges quite what his goods are worth. Recently, Roderick has been having trouble with a local band of thugs who are charging him a "safety tax".
Wicker Woman
Apothecary - Tressa, an old human woman, runs a small apothecary in the south end of Myranor. She walks into the forest every day to find herbs, cut her own wood and gather materials to return to her home. In her shop, she concocts poultices, herbal remedies and several fine teas. She also crafts a variety of wooden items: chairs, desks, beds, finely carved statuettes, pipes and more. Her cluttered shop is always filled with curiosities from her travels. Besides herbalism, she also dabbles in alchemy and minor magicks.
War Academy
Guild Hall - The War Academy is the common name of the Fighter’s Guild in Myranor. It shares not only its name but other similarities with the War Academy in Vorrik, due to the fact that the guild master, Belisar, is a graduate of that northern school and fiercely proud of it. After a long and illustrious career as an officer in the Myranor forces, he wished to retire and establish a school which was, in structure and reputation, the likeness of the Vorrik Academy. Belisar himself is a short, but stocky man with a bristling grey beard and a scar running the length of his face. The Myranor War Academy is built around a large central courtyard where most of the fighting and training occurs. This school is noted for its tutoring of specialized training techniques, many of which Belisar adopted from his recollections of the Vorrik school. Large pits filled with sand, mud, boulders, snow, ice or water allow warriors to practice fighting on various types of footing. Belisar is having a large addition built on to the Academy at great expense, and this construction is still more than a year from completion. Belisar is having it built in sections as he can get the money. He plans on hiring a wizard who will fill the chamber with magical creations to simulate whole environments for training. Of course, this is all far off. Belisar’s visions of the perfect combat school far outstrip his meager funds. Both military personnel and civilians, trained gladiators and independent bodyguards can all be found here. Many mercenary groups hang out here as well since a variety of jobs are publicly posted here
Seven Heavens
Brothel - This brothel is run by the ex-prince of Normidia. Long thought dead in a freak boating accident, the prince was in actuality sold into slavery after accruing such massive gambling debts that his family immediately disowned him and faked his death. Prince Gregor managed to escape from slavery last year, at an imperial digging site. He was part of a massive prison break that resulted in the deaths of fifteen slavers. He fled to Myranor and found low-key work keeping the books at this brothel. Though he still fears re-capture by the Slave Lords, he bitterly plots his revenge against the Normidian noble family that betrayed him.
Sea Nymph
Morgan Tebrain
Nautical Store - This small establishment buys, sells, trade and rents all manner of boats, fishing equipment and ship accessories. It also handles repairs of small craft, mends sails, etc. Morgan Tebrain is an crusty old sailor who runs this shop with his five sons.
Slaver Hall
Commander Neroth
Slaver Guild - The Slaver Guild is a private business, but enjoys support from imperial law. The Slaver Hall is one large multi-story stone keep. This huge building is a small fort unto itself. Some 150 slavers are stationed here and this one group controls all slaving activities in Kitar. Another 300 slaves are kept here. Most native Kitarans frown upon slavery, especially out in the open, and the Slaver’s Guild has a lot of security and guards to deal with the occasional trouble. Just outside of the Slaver Hall is the Slavers' Block... a large raised wooden platform with adjoining slave pens. It is here that slaves are auctioned off to the public. Such auctions are chaotic, frenzied things that draw large crowds.
Raptor's Imports

Shipping Company - The Thieves Guild of Myranor operates a legitimate shipping and receiving warehouse business in the middle city with a cluster of warehouses and offices on the riverbank. Unknown to the authorities, the guild operates its criminal activities under the veneer of this cover business, using the ships and warehouses to move stolen goods. A large number of secret underground chambers are connected with a network of secret tunnels and passages. Many of these tunnels connect to Myranor’s extensive sewer system, which the Talons use to move covertly about the city. Raptor Imports maintains a fleet of 22 ships for transporting goods.

Silken Lady Garment Shoppe

Garment Shop - A regal store for noble’s clothing. Frequented by the wealthier of Myranor. This shop is located in the inner city. It’s run by a wealthy madame who is assisted by eight young ladies. They have hired guards who are decked out in finery and wield silver sabers. This is THE place to go when you need to find that perfect gown for the noble’s spring ball.

Winded Grain Bakery
Half Bow

Grain Mill and Bakery - A pleasant little windmill grainary and bakery shop. Also has a small dining room where guests may eat fresh bread and stew with a mug of warm ale.

Stormhammer Shipyards

Shipyards - The larger of the two shipyards in Myanor. Located in the harbor district. The Stormhammer Shipyards have two full sized dry dock facilities for building whole ships from the beam up. They are able to produce ships up to 32 meters (104 ft) in length. They also have extensive repair capabilities. Run by Memboc, a bald human man with an enormous black mustache that he wears in two great braids, bound with leather strips. Memboc is heavily muscled from years of hard work, but wears a great belly as well from years of drinking. He commands a crew of 40 shipwrights and some 40-70 additional unskilled laborers depending on the amount of work to be done. Although Memboc is in charge here, the Stormhammer Shipyards are actually owned by Count Visetan who holds an estate in the inner city and operates a separate shipping company.  The Stormhammer Shipyards builds and repairs ships for the Royal Navy.


Rumors, Gossip and Adventure Ideas

Rumors about the hordes from Duthelm and their imminent approach and siege of Myranor come and go with seasonal frequency

The King is secretly in talks with Duthelm. A treaty of peace is in the making


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