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The Wayfarer Inn


The Wayfarer Inn is sometimes called the Farwanderer's Home. This establishment is a blend of inn, tavern, general store and community hall. The Wayfarer Inn caters primarily to rangers, woodsmen, furriers, trappers and farmers. Caravan guard, mercenaries and soldiers can also be found here purchasing weapons or supplies. The Wayfarer is a large stone and timber three story building that sits outside of Myranor on a hill, overlooking the outer city.

The Wayfarer Inn is a general store, but also has a full tavern, sixteen private rooms for rent, one noble suite, one large common room, a large 24 horse stable, extensive gardens, a full forge and several small workshops. The common room is a simply a large room with hay spread out on the floor which can sleep up to 20 people. Anyone is welcome to share the common room for a copper piece a night. Although Taudon has a kind heart and often lets people who have no money stay for free (but often asks they help clean up the tavern area the next morning).

Trade and barter is welcome here. Because the clientele are often woodsmen accept a basket of freshly picked podgeberries or a fine fox's pelt in lieu of coin. Oft times, those of the wild have few coins to spend.

There is an underground vault which Taudon uses as storage and a wine and ale cellar. It was originally built as a safe room where the residents could hole up during a siege. The last time Duthelm attacked Myranor and laid siege to the city, Taudon and the staff (and some of the patrons) locked themselves up in the vault and lived down there for 2 weeks. It's a favorite story often retold in the bar.



The Farwandering Rest sells a variety of food, clothing, farming supplies and adventuring equipment.

Food Including iron rations, hard biscuits, a variety of salted and dried meats, dried fruit and nut mixtures and fresh food.
Clothing Including boots, gloves, cloaks - mostly rugged outdoor gear.
Armor Including leather, boiled leather, studded leather, chainmail, bucklers, wooden shields and helms.
Metal The onsite blacksmith makes daggers, knifes, short swords, chain, nails, horseshoes, iron shod staves, shovels, plows and pitchforks.
Supplies Rope, sacks, lanterns, oil, tents, bedrools, sharpening stones, etc.

The Staff

Taudon, Proprietor and Owner

Taudon is an aging human male with unkempt grey hair, a bristly beard and tan complexion. Taudon is the owner and operator of the Wayfarer. Taudon was formerly a woodsman and ranger, but was forced to retire after suffering a severe leg injury in a battle with a group of orcs. He is now content to run a place that other woodsmen and rangers can call home.

Helena, Housekeeper

Helena is Taudon's wife and co-owner/proprietor of the establishment. Loressa is their daughter. However, Helena is very maternal and views all of the staff as her children.

Dramodus, Clerk

A half-grum with a penchant for fatty foods. This plump little man takes care of the paperwork, paying the bills and most of the other tedious duties involved with running the business. Unknown to all, he is also a skilled thief who enjoys frequent nightly outings. Dramodus is confident in his skill and likes the thrill of overcoming lock and wall as much as actually making away with a small profit.

Umish, Barkeep

Umish is a tremendously fat human who tends the main bar in the tavern hall.

Raylin, Blacksmith

Raylin is a half-ogre that works the forge in the metalworking shop. He fashions all manner of metal weapons and tools. His quality is decent. Raylin also provides security for the establishment. 

Janeen, Meirna and Loressa, Barmaids

Janeen is a 38 year old buxom redhead with a flirty streak. Meirna is young, blonde and shy, but her beauty makes her a favorite of many of the patrons. Loressa is a quiet, but very intelligent brunette who is currently studying magic. She only knows one or two very simple spells, but she has a natural talent for it. She is studying from a second hand spellbook and the aid of a local magician in Myranor who visits every now and then.

Aigen, Cook and Stephan, Assistant Cook

Aigen is an ex-soldier with a talent for food. Stephan is a young red head man, the brother of Janeen, who looks up to Aigen quite a bit.

Erik, Stableboy

Fifteen years old. Erik is the son of a friend of Taudon, a ranger who disappeared 8 years ago. Taudon adopted him as a son. Erik is in love with Mierna.

Luccan, Farmhand

Luccan is 19 years old and tends the gardens and makes minor repairs around the grounds. Luccan is the older brother of Meirna and is very protective of her.

The Wayfarer has 25 chickens, six cows, four goats, eight hogs, a half dozen horses and a veritable army of dogs and cats - the exact number of which seems to vary from season to season. The farm animals provide the tavern with fresh eggs, milk and meat. The cook makes his sausage and bacon on the premises. Luccan gathers fresh vegetables from the gardens. Meirna also tends a small flower garden in the back and sells the flowers in the city.

Common Patrons

The Wayfarer caters primarily to rangers, woodsmen, furriers, trappers and farmers. Caravan guard, mercenaries and soldiers can also be found here purchasing weapons or supplies.


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