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People of Myranor


A former slave of Duthelm. He spent nine years working in the Kalgorhim Mines. He now stays in Myranor, hiring on to any work he can find. He is poor and will take on almost any job. He is a good information source about the inner workings of Duthelm. Jannubar has had some run ins with the law and has a few friends among the Talons. He tries to keep a low profile. Jannubar has some smithing ability and tended a small forge in the mines for awhile. He also has some basic healing skill. He speaks Dwarven passably well in addition to Rukemian and Northern, his native tongues. 

A beautiful young woman with an equally beautiful singing voice. Formerly a slave in Ormek, her master set her free. She has since earned a living in Ormek and southern Rukemian, singing at taverns and festivals. Recently, she caught the eye of a crime lord in a Aridorn. She fled the city with his thieves in pursuit. She has come to Myranor in hopes to leave her pursuit behind. She is looking for a safe home, a regular income and a husband to protect her from the world.

A half orc born with a birth mark on his chest which vaguely resembles a white bird. The other orcs of his clan associated that with the white bird on the Rukemian standard. Because of this “deformity”, he was never truly accepted by his own clan. He endured years of ridicule and torment from his fellow orcs. When they finally turned on him, he fled to the south. He knew too many orcs in Duthelm and headed to Myranor. He feels that he would not be accepted in Rukemia or further south, but in Myranor, a border nation, he has found some level of acceptance. He works as a laborer at the Stormhammer shipyards and is always eager to please his human masters. He has some limited fighting ability, but no useful trade skills. He has some knowledge of the inner workings of Duthelm and the orcish tribes of the Ice Rock Mountains. He will willingly join any group or take any job if there looks to be good profit and/or he will be respected. At night, he is plagued by nightmares from his youth.

Elrysa Tyron
Of the noble Tyron family – Duke Tyron controls a province in Kitar. Elrysa is a scholar/historian studying the local ruins of Bretark, buried underneath Myranor. She studied at the Royal University in Myranor and has specialized in local lore and history. She hopes to venture into the underground chambers and tunnels which were once Bretark but are now part of the Myranor sewer system. However, the city guard has denied her access repeatedly. She is ready to start pursuing less-than-legal channels.

Vidas Colper
A bard/magician who performs with a local entourage called the “The Emerald Troupe” – a large and well known group of artists, singers, dancers, magicians, story tellers and jugglers. They travel around Kitar and northern Rukemia, but Myranor is the home. Like the others of his group, Vidas is quite poor, earning just barely enough from his trade to make ends meet. He does know magic, but only the most basic cantrips and simple spells, most visual in nature. He is good at making floating spheres of glowing color and other illusionary work. He also can do some limited telekinesis, but can only levitate very small objects.

Gellar Fen
A member of the Talons, the Duthelm thieves guild, who has recently stolen a huge amount of money from the guild master and made his way to Myranor. He hopes to use the money to start a new life here. He is thieving independently and his handiwork has recently been noticed by the Talons. Also, a noble he recently robbed has hired a mercenary group to hunt him down and retrieve the stolen goods, along with Gellar’s head. Gellar now has at least three separate groups hunting him. However, Gellar Fen is a very skilled thief and has eluded all pursuit thus far. Also, he has some small amount of magical ability which helps him deal with magical defenses and traps.

Samos Pelyar
A trouble shooter for the local church of Barrinor. Samos is a failed paladin, one who studied the ways of the priesthood and attempted to join the ranks of the holy knights of Barrinor, but failed. Samos is regretful that he didn’t make it through the tests. He has some limited magical ability. Samos has an addictive personality and is addicted to gambling. He has amassed huge debts at various gambling halls. To pay these debts, he has been stealing from the church that he serves.

A slum lord that runs several apartment style residences in the outer city. These large buildings are run down buildings that house hundreds. These properties have made Marcullar very wealthy. He has over 800 tenants. Marcullar himself lives in a rather nice property in the outer city, near his tenants. A staff of 30 care for the buildings and a security detail of 8 trained warriors keep him and his interests secure. Marcullar also has certain underworld connections.

Volius Tog
A famous criminal - a murderer, bandit, gambler and all around rogue. Well known in the underworld. Volius Tog recently escaped from the City Dungeon. He is currently being hunted by the authorities and has a HUGE bounty on his head. He hasn't left the city yet. Rumor is that the reason he's staying in a city where he is wanted is that he knows the location of a treasure and is trying to get it. Currently, he is in hiding. It's likely that the city guard isn't the only group interested in finding him.

Karn Himera (Lord Himera)
A wealthy and eccentric breeder of animal. He is part ranger , part woodsmen. Owns a huge farm just outside of Myranor. Raises all kinds of animals. Trains dogs, horses and falcons. Also has a small menagerie of exotic animals. A small zoo. For a price, he will allow visitors to tour the menagerie. For a hefty price, he may sell an animal or allow it to be hunted. He arranges hunting expeditions for wealthy clients.

Toma Rojarin
A skilled carpenter that runs a woodworking shop. He also teaches carpentry classes at his shop. He crafts a variety of custom pieces – chairs, wagons, stools, wardrobes, shields, etc – anything made out of wood. His particular specialty is working ironwood, which is hard to get on the east coast and commands exorhibtant prices. Toma has a wife, Lesa, and 4-year old daughter. His shop is in middle city on the west side. He and his family live on the second story above their shop. His wife does artistic wood and bone carvings, gardens and paints some of his finished products.

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