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Morlokk, the Desert Mage

Long ago, no one is sure quite when, a wizard retired to the Baen Desert. His name is Morlokk and it is whispered among those who know that he is the greatest wizard ever to have lived. Very little is known of his early years, although it is assumed that he traveled greatly and rumored that he partook in many a noble quest. When he had had enough of such a life, he chose a large oasis near the center of the vast desert (though many say that he created it himself) and established a great citadel therein. Here he turned his back on the world to pursue his studies of his chosen craft, the workings of great magic. It is said that he is on good terms with the Baenites of the desert and this is probably true as the Baenites guard the wizard's oasis jealously, keeping uninvited travelers away at spear point. Some aspiring young wizards have risked the journey through the dunes to seek an audience with the master himself or even apprentice to him. Most are turned away. Very few have ever even met the Master. Among the fabulous treasures that Morlokk is rumored to have are such wonders as the Dancing Dagger, the Master's Staff, the Ring of the Elements and a magnificent enchanted blade known as Draskar, the Soul Cleaver.


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