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Morlokk, the Desert Mage

Age Appears 70 Hair Style Short hair, neatly trimmed beard 
Race Human Hair Color Grey
Height 1.85 meters (6' 1") Eye Color Blue grey
Weight 81.8  kilograms (180 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Simple grey and brown robes


Morlokk is a reclusive sorcerer who dwells in a great castle in a large oasis in the middle of the Baen Desert not far from the ruins of North Aden. Morlokk embarked on a long and successful career as a wizard in which he traveled greatly and studied under many masters. He partook in dozens of adventures and quests before retiring to the Baen Desert where he became known as the Desert Mage.

Physical Appearance

Chronologically, Morlokk is 145 years old. However, due to powerful magic, he has the body of a physicall fit and athletic 60 year old man. He has a neatly trimmed grey beard, short grey hair and bright blue eyes. He typically wears decorative robes of gray and blue that are trimmed by glyphs sewn into the fabric. He has a friendly, handsome face which is usually creased in a quiet grin. He walks with a tall staff (the Master's Stave). He always wears the Ring of the Elements and the Dancing Dagger (see below).


Morlokk is a driven man with many interests. He is unusually stubborn and infinitely patient. He tends to lock himself in his lab and work for days without resting or eating, often losing tracking of time. Morlokk travels a great deal and visits cities and towns throughout the lands frequently. Usually this is to visit and converse with another wizard over some magical topic, but sometimes this is to purchase rare and valuable spell components from a specific shop or raise a tankard of ale at a favorite tavern. On other occasions, he will pack a small bag and walk off into the desert, vanishing for weeks at a time. When he leaves on such journeys, he travels all the realms of Ithria and beyond. Generally Morlokk is quiet, thoughtful and even tempered. 

Notable Skills

Morlokk is a master of spell craft, magical research, alchemy, astronomy, astrology, herbalism, science and engineering. He is also a student of the natural world and quite skilled in geology, weather, animal and plant lore. Morlokk has a passion for history and is knowledgeable in all areas of history, in archeology and paleontology. Thanks to his magic, Morlokk speaks a wide array of languages.

By far, Morlokk's greatest skill is his magic. He is a prodigy and his magical ability is unequalled. Among wizard's guilds and arcane circles, Morlokk is rumored to be most powerful wizard in the world.


Morlokk was born on the 10th day of Chilldeath in the year 2570 CY. He was born and raised in the city of Ithell. He was the third of five children. His father was a wealthy mage and member of the Ithellian College of Magic and Science. Morlokk became a wizard's apprentice at the age of fourteen to the Ithellian wizard Kalizar. At age 20, he left Kalizar's tutelage to find his fortune in the world. Through many quests, spanning a long career, he slowly acquired the mastery of magic that he has. After forty years of active travel and adventure with various groups, he retired to pursue his own quests and research. He stays in frequent contact with several of his former adventuring companions and various wizards around the world.

Morlokk now spends his days conducting magical research on a variety of personal projects. His greatest project, however, is digging up and studying the ruins of the Alliance. That is why Morlokk chose the center of the Baen Desert for his oasis and castle. He created the oasis for comforts sake only. It was positioned near to the ruins of North Aden to make access to them easy. Morlokk is painstakingly digging up the ruins of North Aden. With endless patience, he is unearthing each artifact - whether that be a strip of burnt leather or a baked brick. He hopes to one day master the incredible magical technology of the Alliance. 

Notable Possessions

The Dancing Dagger - A magically enchanted dagger which was recovered during one of Morlokk's earliest adventures. This weapon can be controlled telepathically. It can also be set to fight independently freeing Morlokk to cast spells while the dagger keeps enemies at bay. In combat, it flies with remarkably speed, engaging many enemies at once. This beautiful silver and black dagger is always on Morlokk's belt.

The Master's Staff - A tremendously powerful stave infused with the most potent spells. This staff was enchanted by Morlokk himself. Witnesses have seen this staff unleash huge balls of fire, bolts of lightning and streams of acid. If used as a physical weapon, it can, with a single strike, reduce a stone wall to rubble and disintegrate an armor clad knight. It is also rumored to grant the ability to teleport. Morlokk is rarely seen without this staff.

The Ring of the Elements - This beautiful silver ring has four gemstones inset: ruby, sapphire, emerald and aquamarine. It grants Morlokk control over the four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Witnessed phenomena have included causing fire to erupt spontaneously, causing the land to shake, controlling the winds and rain and reshaping the dunes of the Baen Desert. Morlokk always wears this ring on his left hand.

Draskar, the Soul Cleaver - A magnificent long sword which was crafted for him long ago by a half-elven blacksmith. This weapon was made specifically for Morlokk and, while wielded by him, is perfectly balanced and almost weightless. If wielded by any other creature, it becomes a dead weight, awkward, unwieldy and leaden.  The weapon has many useful minor functions. It can shed light upon command and can sense the presence of magical energy in the direction the sword is pointing. However, its primary ability is to draw forth and absorb the life energy of any creature it is used against. None of its magical abilities will function if held by anyone other than Morlokk.

The Portal Mirror of Kalizar - An enchanted mirror created by Morlokk's master, the great mage Kalizar. When Kalizar died, he gifted it to Morlokk. It can divine the past and future, see distant places, evoke spirits from other dimensions and open gateways to other realms.

Beyond these magical wonders, Morlokk maintains a fabulous library (with the help of several assistants) which rivals the libraries of the greatest cities. He also has several large laboratories and spell research chambers. Finally, Morlokk's treasure vault holds coins, gems and art in excess of one million gold pieces.

Morlokk's Castle

In the central Baen Desert is a large oasis roughly 80 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide. Within this oasis are rolling hills of green grass, small forests, ponds, winding trails and gardens. Morlokk's castle is located at the the center of this oasis. It is a massive towering bulwark of grey stone and dark timber. A cluster of towers, balconies and steep tiled roofs crown a seven story central keep. Within its stout walls are 270 rooms including dozens of bedchambers, lounges, great halls, dining halls, kitchens, treasuries, barracks, armories, libraries and laboratories. Beneath are wine cellars, dungeon cells and vast storage rooms. Overall, it is a well equipped and well defended stronghold. The castle claims only the oasis as its territory. 

Morlokk dwells here with dozens of servants and guards. He occasionally takes on an apprentice or two, usually young students of the craft that show great promise. Typically there are about fifty castle inhabitants, not including visitors and prisoners. 

Morlokk's castle has extensive defensives, many of them magically enhanced. The castle sits atop a small hill which is encircled by a wide moat and heavy curtain walls. The main gate castle consists of two re-enforced iron gates and a portcullis. Sentinels are posted at critical points. Beyond this, visitors to this place have reported clockwork golems fashioned of steel which spring to live with a word.  


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