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The Seminary

Full Name The Seminary
Location City of Arcanum in Carrikos
Head Master Bagoth Brundmore
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 600-800/45/15
Demographics Human 84%, Dwarven 6%, Grum 5%, Elven 4%, Other 1%
Languages Northern 80%, Dwarven 15%, Ogrish 5%
Year Founded 412 CY
Wealth Very Wealthy
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test, sponsorship by an alumni
Curriculum Broad mix
Yearly Tuition 2250 gold carriks per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren

The Seminary is the official school of magic in the nation of Carrikos. This school, which holds a seat of some prominence on a great hill, overlooks the capital city of Arcanum. It is run by a staff of wizards who both teach and carry on administrative functions. They answer to the government and, indirectly, to the Syndicate. The Seminary teaches a wide array of disciplines: literature, history, mathematics, geography, languages, philosophy and, of course, magical studies necessary for the casting of spells. The teachings are influenced by the faith of Vorkayne somewhat. The Seminary is a demanding school that flunks more than half of each year's students. Those that graduate from this school (only about 30 each year) are skilled wizards and in great demand. The most talented students graduating from here often find themselves invited to serve the government. The Seminary is overseen by an actual Syndicate member, Bagoth Brundmore.


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