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Arcane Order

Full Name The Arcane Order of Carrikos
Location Carrikos
Head Master Headmaster Bevin Iltoshia
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 140-220/35/48
Demographics Human 80%, Dwarven 10%, Elven 7%, Grum 3%
Languages Carrik (Official language) and Northern
Year Founded 1275 CY
Wealth Very Wealthy
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude screening, panel interviews and a battery of intellectual exams.
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 1000 gold carriks per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren

The Arcane Order is the name of the second largest school of magic in all of Carrikos. It is located in the capital city of Arcanum. The education found here is, considered by many, to be the very best. The Arcane Order is difficult to get in to and the tuition is expensive. The Arcane Order has a challenging 10 year program and fully two thirds of those admitted end up leaving within the first two years.

The building is actually four octagonal towers in a diamond formation around a central courtyard with sky bridges connecting all four towers at the fourth floor. A high curtain wall circles the towers enclosing gardens and walkways around them. The heart of the school is a massive library holding more than 75,000 books and scrolls. It is the pride of the school and one of the best magical libraries in the lands.

Generally, the students of this school receive the finest magical instruction available and most are quite skilled at magic. However, students of the Arcane Order are often seen as bookish academic snobs who spend too much time in the library. Many see them as weak and cowardly, though this reputation is undeserved.

The headmaster, an ancient human wizard named Bevin Iltoshia, preaches pacifism and celibacy. He believes that violence and lust are contrary to the wizardly life, interfere with study, weaken concentration and distract from the art of magic. Many (but not all) of his students adopt these beliefs as well. Of course, pacifism and celibacy, even if these two practices are adopted by only a portion of the student body, only serves to strengthen the reputation of weakness and cowardice.

The typical student body is around 180 students and these students live within the walls of the school for the duration of their study. The students are required to wear formal robes, abide by the rules of the school and adhere to a regimented schedule. Each spring, about 18 students graduate in a small, but lavish ceremony. Graduating students are given a minor magic item, a set of wizard robes and a spell book upon leaving the school. Because students from the Arcane Order are in high demand and the school has connections with many governments and agencies throughout the realms, many students have jobs waiting for them.

The top three students each year are selected from all the graduating students and given the title of Arcademillus. These three students are selected by the Headmaster based on skills, grades, completed projects and other factors. These three student are given a mark upon their hands which identifies them as a master of magic.


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