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Rift Gate - Capital City of the Rift Vale

Ruler Xor
Population Approximately 4,000
Demographics 99.9% Xorian, .1% Other (Prisoners)
Adjectival/Demonym Rift/Rifters
Languages Xorian 100%
Nationality Rift Vale
National Colors Black and purple.
Year Founded 2711
Currency None
Natural Resources Iron ore, stone, gravel, sand, weapons, armor. Also, it is not known where the Rift leads to, it is suspected that the Xorians obtain materials and resources through it. (See below).
Wealth Unknown (Suspected to be Poor)
Government Type Theocratic Autocracy
Government Stability Very stable.
Allies None.
Enemies Duthelm, Borrell, Carrikos, Kitar
Walled No
Crime Level None
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion None
Other Religions None
Climate Temperate
Terrain Wasteland


The Rift Gate is the core city of the Rift Vale. Within this city is the fabulous inter-dimensional gateway for which the city is named. It has long been suspected that Xor has managed to repair the Gate and that it is functioning. This would mean that Xor has access to whatever dimension the xorians came from (and possibly other dimensions as well).

The city itself is a heavily fortified, walled, metropolis. It is smaller than most cities as its internal workings are no doubt streamlined due to the military nature of the city. At the center of the city lies Xor's fortress. It is assumed that the Rift Gate is held within the fortress although this is just speculation. Very little is known about the workings of this city.


Prior to the Second Demon War, the Black Wizards of the Citadel made contact with Xor, a mysterious being of great power. Years of planning went into the Second Demon War. As Duthelm gathered troops and resources, the Black Wizards used every bit of their power to construct a gateway at a strategic location that led from this realm to the realm of the Xorians. 

This device appeared as single large black metallic ring that spins about a central point surrounded by six large obelisks set on a raised stone platform. A shimmering field of blue energy formed in the center whenever the device was activated. It was named the Rift Gate. With this device, the Black Sorcerers, opened a spatial rift with another dimension and allowed Xor and his minions, the xorians, to enter this world. The Xorians entered into a pact with Duthelm and, thus united, began a campaign of conquest against the Great Rukemian Empire. The Second Demon War was born. 

However, the Second Demon War soon faltered when Xor attempted to wrestle control of Duthelm. A struggle for political and military control of the nation followed and the Second Demon War came to an abrupt end. During the struggles for control of Duthelm, the Rift Gate was damaged. The Xorians quickly withdrew from Duthelmian territory taking the gate with them. The xorians marched north and settled in a desolate valley in the northern mountains. There they have remained to this day.


Xor rules as an emperor/god. Beneath Xor are the four military ranks. 10 War Lords. 100 Battle Masters and 1000 Commanders. This rank structure is the government.

Legal System

No laws exist. Only the will of Xor. Because of the Xorian telepathic network, Xorians do not break laws. Those that do are hunted down and killed.


Every Xorian is a warrior. The whole city is based on the military.


None. Xorians do not conduct trade with other nations or with each other. Xorians either make equipment and distribute it according to need or take materials from enemies by force.


Not much of a social side to this city.


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