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Common Xorian

This is the standard xorian speech used in verbal and telepathic communication. It is used often when telepathy will not work (Drellis Dominant) or when speaking to non-telepaths (through a magical translator, for instance).


Similar to the Ogrish Battle Tongue, this is a clipped, rapid fire form of speech used in combat. It has a very simple sentence structure. It is used both verbally and telepathically.


The Xorians came from another dimension and share no common history or language with any culture in Khoras. Therefore, Xorrian is linguistically unique. It is a booming language which sounds like rolling thunder. It is almost a roar shaped by consonants. It is difficult for other humanoid races to speak it, but possible. Linguists and scholars believe that Xorians must have developed this language before they developed their telepathic network, else a language would not have been necessary.


Xorian is similar to ogrish in style. Simple, blunt characters without serif or decoration, bold strokes and easy to recognize forms.


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