The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races


Physical Description, Life Span

Xorians (pronounced ZOR-ree-un) are physically the most powerful race. Each is an artificially constructed life form and exhibits many biological characteristics which all contribute to the Xorian primary function : combat. The typical Xorian stands 2.5 meters tall (8 ft) and weighs about 180 kilograms (400 pounds). A Xorian is completely hairless and sexless. The leathery grey skin, bestial face and glowing blue eyes give the Xorian an ominous visage. The armored plates of the spine are visible underneath the muscled flesh of the back. Bone protrusions form spikes at elbows and knuckles. The armored spine, bone protrusions and dense flesh give the Xorian a natural armor. Redundant biological backups in the body make this race very tough. The nervous system is buried deep in the body to protect from system shock overload and to create an amazingly high pain threshold. Soft padding on the palms of the hands gives a better than normal grip on weapon handles. Broad flat feet and two retractable heel claws affords the Xorian with a firm base of support when swinging a weapon and increased balance. Double ball and socket joints at the elbow allow the Xorian to reach around behind as easily as in front. All joints are formed by a cartilaginous semi-colloidal suspension allowing joints to be manipulated beyond normal limits. This not only protects joints from hyperextension damage through increased resiliency, but also allows the head to swivel almost 180 degrees. A second eyelid protects from gases and particles. The digestive system reduces ingested organic matter to the submolecular level. Therefore, the organism does not produce or expel any waste products. Xorians are immuned to all forms of digested poisons because the poison is also reduced to the submolecular level and rendered harmless. Finally, the thumbs of the Xorians are further separated from the fingers. This slight variation creates a noticeable difference in weapon balance and grips. The Xorian organism heals as any other life form, but eventually sustains irreparable damage. Estimated duration of a Xorian (considering normal wear and tear) is 200 years. This has not yet been proven as every Xorian has died in combat... violently.

Damaged xorians are able to retreive body parts from slain xorians and repair themselves. Arms and legs can be detached and replaced. This can be done on the battle field and requires no equipment or spells.

Emotional/Intellectual Notes, Likes, Dislikes

Xorians are interesting from an intellectual perspective. Each is a living organism with sentience and intelligence. However, each is "programmed" with knowledge and skills upon creation. Free will does not exist as each is linked to a common telepathic "communications network". This network allows instantaneous thought transfer to and from any Xorian. This greatly aids in battle communications, program updating and monitoring positions of all Xorians. Every Xorian is able to communicate through the "net" with the ten Xorians directly under its command and with its commanding officer. Xorians are capable of emotion, but tend toward hatred of the enemy, battle lust and pride. Xorians do not have individual "souls", but they are all linked through the network into the "soul" of Xor.

Religion, Gods, Creation Stories, Legends, Myths

Xorians have no concept of religion and have no gods except for their creator and demigod, Xor. No mythological creation stories exist for the Xorians. They are quite aware of their origins.

Magic - Social Acceptance, Laws, Availability, Use

Magic is viewed as a tool and weapon only. Since Xorians are not capable of manipulating magical energies, they rely on magic items heavily. Mages and textual magicks, such as spell books and scrolls, are usually just destroyed.

Region, Boundaries, Weather, Terrain, Resources

The Xorians currently occupy a region known as the Riftvale. In the center of this small region is the legendary Rift which, if rumors are to be believed, leads to the place from which the xorians came. This region is a charred, devastated wasteland. (The Xorians are performing ecological "modifications" to simulate their homeland). Current reports estimate that there are approximately ten to twelve thousand Xorians currently occupying the Riftvale.

Population Density, Community Sizes, Mobility, Racial Subdivisions

One primary city of about 4,000 is known as Rift Gate. The central city is named after the stronghold which it protects, Rift Gate. The alleged rift is said to be contained beneath the central building of Rift Gate. Eight smaller encampments of about 400 each are positioned to form a protective net around Rift Gate. These encampments are stable and serve mainly as border defense. Many Xorian groups are tracked coming and going constantly among the smaller encampments and to the city.

Language, Alphabet, Writing, Records, Literature, Poetry, Art

Xorians have developed their own language and alphabet. In order to better facilitate conquest, Xorians are programmed with knowledge of Khorasian languages according to rank. Officially, writings are limited to battle reports and the like. Unofficially, battle chants and war songs have sprung up in war camps. Xorians have experimented with other forms of art with varying degrees of success.

Intercultural Relations, Trade, Alliances

Relations with outside cultures are strained at best. Their initial introduction into the world of Khoras was by an alliance with Duthelm during the Second Demon War. The Xorians entered the world through the Rift and aided in the war. At the end of the war, the Xorians relocated to the north and founded the Riftvale as an independent nation and began began quietly rebuilding their forces. Some believe this is the prelude to a reign of conquest against all surrounding nations. Xorians are generally outlawed in most nations. Because of the Xorian nature, they are unable to be enslaved, bribed or blackmailed. If a Xorian is beaten on the battle field, it is killed without question and quickly buried. Xorians are NOT captured. During the Second Demon War, it was discovered that a captured Xorian self terminates and undergoes a rapid decomposition which produces a virulent gaseous toxin. Decomposition begins almost immediately and lasts about 24 hours. Three villages were lost to this phenomena which has become known as the Death Curse. No alliances currently exist with outside cultures. Likewise, no trade exists between Riftvale and outside regions. Most materials that the Xorians cannot produce themselves are captured in battle.

Food - Procurement Methods, Surplus, Storage, Distribution

Food procurement is not a problem. Xorians are able to survive on just about anything organic. However, they do not have to. Xorians are accomplished hunters and large quantities of food and supplies are often captured in battle.

Technology - Architecture, Tools, Weapons, Armor

Xorian technology is approximately equivalent to the human standard. There are capable of producing plate mail and forging most metals up to and including steel. Xorian weapons and armor are unique to the race and are not fully compatible with other humanoid body structures. Also, Xorian weapons and armor are usually often fashioned from chitinous shell and bone from unidentified animals. Architecture is very simple in style and form. Most constructions utilize whatever raw materials are available in the area. In the Riftvale, Xorians inhabit longhouses fashioned from stone. Several of the main buildings in the Rift Vale are constructed of a metal that has not yet been identified. It is suspected that this alloy was brought through the Rift.

Use Of Animals

Xorians use animals according to their origin. All life forms indigenous to Khoras are regarded as a potential food source. However, three life forms were brought through the Rift with the Xorians. Zy-kur-tok (Deathhounds), Zy-kur-mul (Packbeasts) and Zy-kyr-zhrist (Skywings) are artificial life forms just as their masters are.

Transportation, Long Distance Communication

Transportation is usually limited to foot. Packbeasts are reserved for special missions and transportation of large cargoes. Rapid transportation of small cargoes is accomplished by deathhounds or (in rare cases) by Skywings. Long distance communication is easily accomplished through the telepathic communications network.

Ownership Laws, Inheritance Customs, Monetary Form, Debt/Credit

Ownership laws do not exist in the Xorian culture. Inheritance does not occur because there are no family relations. Likewise, no monetary form is used. Credit and debt is not acknowledged. Material goods are taken from outside cultures and distributed according to rank.

Gender Differences - Rights, Responsibilities

Many races and cultures treat the two genders differently. Whether a society is patriarchal or matriarchal, rarely are the rights and responsibilities for the two genders the same. This phenomena does not occur within the Xorian culture. There is no gender. All Xorians are sexless. However, rights and responsibilities are divided up according to rank.

Marriage System - Customs, Beliefs, Husband/Wife Relationship, Divorce

Many normal life related ceremonies that other races consider important are ignored by Xorians. For instance, they have no form of marriage. The closest thing to marriage is Krul’qentar which translates roughly as "Brothers of Battle". Often, two Xorians in the same strike group will bond with a blood oath and become partners on the battle field. Xorians bound in such a manner will always fight with each other, often modifying tactics to take advantage of the other’s presence.

Household Form, Family Form

No "traditional" household form exists. However, Xorians do live together in communal houses associating by group. One communal house would house one commander and his ten warriors. Battlemasters have their own houses. War Lords dwell in the great central building with Xor himself.

Birth - Beliefs, Customs

Sometimes, in the dark of the night, strange lights play about the central building as if energy were being drawn into it from the world about it. On these nights, Xor is creating another Xorian. As far as scholars and researchers know, the process requires a great deal of energy and is time consuming. It is also believed that commanders and Battle Masters take more time to create. No one has ever seen the process and no one knows of a War Lord being created on this planet. All ten War Lords that currently exist came through the Rift with Xor. When a new Xorian or group of Xorians is created, they emerge from the building and are introduced to the others in a ceremony known as Dawn’s Gathering.

Children - Discipline, Education, Recreation

There is no such thing as an adolescent Xorian. Xorians are built, programmed and released into the world at full strength. Discipline is simple. Xorians which disobey orders (that is, units which "malfunction") are hunted down and destroyed. Xorians are not educated. Each is programmed with a basic list of useful skills and then gains experience as it lives and learns out in the world.

Death - Beliefs, Customs

Death is ignored. Every effort is made to keep a fellow Xorian alive, but once death has occurred, the body is considered an empty shell. It’s fate is unimportant. Since Xorians are immuned to the Death Curse, slain Xorians are sometimes used in catapults and shot into cities under siege. Other than that, a Xorian corpse serves no useful purpose.

Names - Number, Sequence, Meaning

Xorian names consist of number, rank and tactical division. The four ranks are : Tra (Warrior), Vor (Commander), Kel (Battle Master) and Xol (War Lord). Each tactical division is divided up into a leader and ten members. There are four types : Auk (Assault Team), Rhu (War Party), Thar (Battalion) and Deq (Legion). For instance, a warrior might identify itself as Tra-Ti-Auk-Sok (literally translated : Warrior Third, Assault Team Fifth) if it was in the field. If a full identification was needed, it would use Tra-Ti-Auk-Sok-Rhu-De-Thar-Qu (which roughly translates as Third Warrior, Fifth Assault Team, Second War Party, Fourth Battalion). A Warlord would identify itself as Xol-Thar-Suk (War Lord of the Sixth Battalion) or Xol-Suk-Deq (Sixth War Lord of the Legion).

Social Stratification

Social stratification is extremely rigid. There are four ranks below Xor. In ascending order, the legion as an undamaged whole consists of 10,000 Warriors, 1,000 Commanders, 100 Battle Masters, 10 War Lords and Xor himself. Due to battle, the legion has never been whole. New Xorians are constantly being created to replaced lost units.

Political System - Legislative, Executive, Judicial

No political system exists. Xor rules as their god. He creates them, programs each with knowledge specific to rank and function and is the center of the telepathic network that binds all Xorians.

Military - Size, Strength, Description, Organization, Weapons

The military is perhaps the best way to discuss this culture since the entire race is literally organized into an army. Except for the Warriors, each rank commands ten Xorians one rank lower.

Assault Team 10 Warriors led by a Commander
War Party 10 Assault Teams led by a Battle Master
Battalion 10 War Parties led by a War Lord
Legion 10 Battalions commanded by Xor

Prominent Community Ceremonies

Few prominent ceremonies exist : Preparations for an assault, the victory celebration and the Dawn Gathering (when new Xorians emerge from the central building for the first time).


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