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Piramus - Capital City of Avar

"A wonderful place to visit if you are not afraid of heights..."
- King Sendel of Normidia

Ruler His Aerial Eminence, Master of the Piramus Council, Doraki Chandok Arantee
Population 9,800
Demographics Avarian 94%, Human 1%, Dwarven 1%, Elven 1%, Orc 1%, Ogre 1%, Grum 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Piramian/Piramians
Languages Avarese 90%, Northern 4%, Elven 3%, Dwarven 3%
Nationality Avar
National Colors Blue and white
Year Founded 879
Currency Avarian
Natural Resources Lumber, llamas, iron ore, cotton, textiles, wool, cloth products, sugar, coffee, milk, goats, gems
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Lumber, llamas, iron ore, cotton, textiles, wool, cloth products, sugar, coffee, milk, goats, gems
Wealth Wealthy
Government Type Aristocracy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Ethara, Uthran, Cyrell
Enemies None
Walled No
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religions Arros and Setharus
Other Religions None.
Climate Temperate
Terrain Mountainous


The great city of Piramus is the capital and largest and most magnificent city in the Confederated Houses of Avar. It is not well known to the outside world and foreign visitors are relatively uncommon. It is built into the side of a great mountain in the central Thunder Peaks. Due to its remote location amid the rugged peaks, it is not well known and is little more than legend, especially to the distant eastern kingdoms.


As the largest city in the Avarian nation and the highest altitude city of significant size, Piramus is known as the "City in the Clouds".





Hall of the High Council

Built near the top of the mountain slope, the Hall of the High Council is the seat of government for Piramus. This magnificent structure is built of white stone and trimmed in gold. Blue and white banners bearing the national symbol hang from the walls and flutter in the wind. Doraki Chandok Arantee rules here as Speaker of the Council.






The peace of Piramus is maintained by the Sky Guard... a force of 500 avarian warriors who patrol the city from the skies. They roam singly and, due to their flight, are able to get anywhere in the city very quickly. The typical sky guard wears studded leather armor, carries a long staff. Each also carries a horn to quickly call other sky guards down from above in case a single guard needs help. Most nobles and institutions maintain their own small security forces as well.

Hall of War

The Hall of War is a fortress built high up on the mountain slope district. It is a combination of military headquarters, warrior's guild and mercenary post. It also houses the city dungeon which is built deep in the heart of the mountain. Avarians hate being kept in enclosed spaces and hence an lightless prison of stone and darkness is the most dreaded of all places to the bird folk. The Hall of War is ruled by Commander Ton Verosh.




The church of Arros has a temple at each of the seven avarian cities. These colossal temples serve the entire needs of the faith, as there are no smaller churches or shrines. Each temple is ruled by its own high priest and operates independently of the other six temples. However, all seven temples do communicate with each other and share information and so forth. Priests often visit other temples, bearing gifts and so forth.

The temples of Arros are truly stunning sights. They are brilliantly lit, majestic constructions of stained glassed windows and glittering crystal domes. In order to be closer to their lord, the temples straddle floating islands of rock, hovering high above their city, kept aloft by powerful spells. These huge stone citadels house hundreds of chambers, vast congregation halls, prayer chapels, impressive libraries and historical archives. The main congregation hall is circular and covered by a massive crystal dome through which the sky can always be seen.

Hall of Gods

Built near the center of the mountain slope, the Hall of Gods is the temple complex. It houses a multitude of temples to all of the dieties and faiths followed by those who live in this city. The five largest temples are devoted to the avarian gods.




Central Square

A large market square and bazaar. The most unique characteristic of this market area is that it is multi-level and formed of dozens of separate platforms. Each "platform" specializes in a different commodity. Controlled by Trade Master Harros Mod.


Guilds and Organizations


Important People

Council Master Doraki Chandok Arantee

Doraki is the Speaker for the ruling council of Piramus and, unofficially, the ruler of Avar. He has worked hard to expand and stabilize the borders of Avar and cement international relations. Doraki feels that Avar has stayed isolated from the rest of the world for too long and it is time for them to join the lower realms. However, he faces conservative opponents that fear cultural contamination. Besides politics, Doraki is a musician, a juggler, a chef and a charismatic entertainer with a reputation for good parties. He has a wife and four children.

Councillor Indonan Graffe Chintar

Indonan is one of the oldest and most respected elders of the Piramus ruling council. He is also one of the most conservative and argues passionately for Avar isolation and cultural purity. He opposes Doraki on many issues. 

Master Venoll Taur Minok

Venoll is the most talented spell worker within the city of Piramus. He lives alone in a tall grey tower overlooking the city from a nearby peak. On the rare occasions when he comes down from his tower, he associates with the social elite of the city. 

Commander Ynrin Allorum Vadith

Ynrin is the ranking military officer of Piramus, captain of the guard and ruler of the warriors guild.

Ar'tek-kin Vusi Pron

Ar'tek-Kin is known to Ar'tek by his friends and family. Ar'tek is the master jeweler of Avar. Through out his illustrious career, he has dabbled in magic, traded in fabulous art and priceless curios from distant lands and had his hand in numerous trading associations. These practices, along with a healthy inheritance from his father, has made him the wealthiest citizen of Avar. He has retired now and currently resides in Piramus, although he maintains a home in Skyloft.

Adivos Payne

A human, some same crazy, who lives in Piramus and lives with the avarians. He dresses as them, uses a magical winged cloak to fly and truly pretends to be an avarian. The local avarians like him and take pity on him. He amuses them. He cleans the streets, repairs buildings, carries messengers and runs errands. He serves five or six wealthy avarian lords. He earns a small wage from each and gets by. No one knows why he dresses with a pretend beak and such. He adamantly refuses to listen to the suggestion that he is human. Councillor Indonan Graffe Chintar indulges Adivos and no avarian wishes to oppose the elder avarian and so everyone leaves Adivos be.




City Districts


Monuments and Public Spaces

The Gleaming Stone

The Gleaming Stone was originally a privately owned fine jewelry shop. With government funding and support, it has become the official city mint and the largest money changer in Piramus. This large, wealthy establishment is run by Lord Juires.


Architecture and Infrastructure

The most striking characteristic of Piramus is the unique layout of the city. The entire city is built vertically on the side of a steep mountain rockface. Towers, ramps, balconies and platforms are all stacked, one level above another, going up the side of this steep slope. Sheltered chambers are built into the mountain side, but most such chambers do not go deep as the avarians dislike being underground. At the base of the mountain, the vertical architecture meets a cluster of buildings, walls and gates that form a more traditional city. This area is known as the 'Lower City".

Because of the steep incline of the mountain face, there are no traditional roads. The city is divided up into tiers, stacked one atop another. Almost all of the architecture of this city is built from stone. Since avarians can fly, there are only a few staircases and ramps (used for moving heavy loads between levels). While avarians may walk from chamber to chamber and building to building, the best way to get around the city and the only way to reach different tiers of the city is to simply fly. Walkers (i.e. non-avarians or those without the ability to fly) find it extremely difficult to move about the upper city and are generally limited to the Low City.



Shops and Guilds

Name and Proprietor Description
House of the Broken Wing
Seril Sangin
Hospital/Apothecary. Run by Seril Sangin, an avarian with a flair for healing magic and a good deal of plant lore. He combines curative spells with healing herbs which he gathers himself. He often claims that there is nothing he can't cure.
Trading Post - A general store and trading post which sells just about everything. Run by three avarian traders. All three are former adventurers, now retired.
The Blue Raven
Garment Shop - This once magnificent shop is now run down and in a general state of decline. It has seen less and less business since its proprietor was wounded badly in the left wing and was no longer able to fly. Because of this, Brabant was forced to put a ground level entry into one wall - a shameful thing for an avarian. This is an example of how flight ability affects social status. For non-avarians, they will find surprisingly good cloaks, boots and garments for fabulously low prices. If they don't mind being seen in a "walker's" establishment.
High Aerie
Inn/Tavern.- This is one of the more luxurious inns in the city and undoubtedly the most expensive. It is shaped in the form of a ten story octagonal tower with eight triangular rooms on every level. Each room has a door leading to the outside of the tower with a small balcony. There are no stairs of course. The lower ground level houses the kitchen and main dining room, storage, offices, staff quarters and more.


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