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Hearthtown - Capital City of Jannerus

"You'll find more friends than enemies here in Hearthtown"
- Rynos Grahame, Apothecarian

The outskirts of Hearthtown, capital city of Jannerus

Ruler His Honorable Worthiness, Speaker of the Hearthtown Council, Lord Uri Nirran
Population 39,400
Demographics Grum 50%, Human 25%, Elven 10%, Saurian 5%, Ogre 4%, Dwarven 4%, Orc 1.5%, Baenite .5%
Adjectival/Demonym Hearth/Hearthers
Languages Grumman 60%, Southern 15%, Northern 15%, Corven 5%, Drakkelin 5%
Nationality Jannerus
National Colors Green and blue
Year Founded 954
Currency Mixed currencies plus trade and barter.
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Wheat, barley, corn, rice, hay, sheep, chickens, beef cattle and a variety of fine meads and ales
Wealth Average
Government Type Provincial
Government Stability Stable
Allies Khenshire, Falkir Clans
Enemies Coalition
Walled No
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Mireldokar
Other Religions Imarus, Sarreth, Daramis, Farzak, Assytia, Erylon
Climate Temperate
Terrain Grassland


Hearthtown is the capital ciy of the grumman nation of Jannerus. It is located in central Ithria and is a major food producer center and trade hub.





Hall of Councils

The Jannerus Capital Building is quite modest in appearance. The only decoration that distinguishes it are the bright and cheerful yellow banners that are flown when the council is in session. The Hearthtown High Council meets here once a week to discuss the events of the day over a splendid dinner of roast pheasant in grey pepper sauce. This building also holds the offices of the city militia.





For the most part, Hearthtown is a peaceful community of friends and neighbors. Very little security is needed here. The city guard of Hearthtown consists of about 700 grum who serve as "guardians". These are volunteers who serve the community in a security role. Most of them have regular professions, but take shifts patrolling the city in pairs and are available whenever the citizens need them. In general, Hearthtown is very peaceful compared to other cities. These guardians see little action, mostly petty theft, fights, drunks, etc.

In times of need, the city guard is supplemented by a militia which is manned by the general citizenry... farmers, craftsmen and such wielding whatever weapons they have.


The people of Hearthtown pray to Mireldokar more than any other god and there are numerous shrines dedicated to her. The city also has minor churches and shrines dedicated to Farzak, Assytia, Daramis, Erylon, Sarreth and Imarus and others.


Hearthtown sits on a major trade road which connected the northern nations to the southern. It plays host to an endless stream of merchant caravans, travelers, pilgrims, mercenaries, messengers and others. Because of this, Hearthtown has a booming economy.

The Trader's Market

The main market square of Hearthtown is the heart of the city. This huge plaza is paved in cobblestone and dominated by a central fountain. Hearthtown has a market every week and packs the square with tents, carts, people and food.


Guilds and Organizations

The Land Guild

The Land Guild is a collective of farmers, workhands and land owners. always bristling with activity. Lord Nirran pays the guild a visit every so often. Since the governments' treatment of all guildhouses in town tends to be as fair as the weather, there's generally not much conflict here. Just simple farm folk in friendly chat. The Land Guild is overseen by Guildmaster Sattler.

Important People

Lord Nirran, Speaker of the Council

Lord Nirran is the Speaker of the Council at Hearthtown and the supreme governmental authority of the nation.

Balderich, Chef

Balderich is probably the most celebrated chef in the town of Hearthtown and a frequent winner at the various cooking contests of the many festivals held in this land.

Rauglan, Guardian and Hero

Rauglan is something of a hero in the lands of Jannerus. He is a former "guardian" of the city guard of Hearthtown but now wanders the area defending villages. On occasion, a monster will wander down from the western Sentinels or crawl out from the muck of the Stench Bog. Rauglan searches for these threats and tries his best to protect farms and livestock from them. More recently, the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue has been raiding further and further out from the Sentinels and is a growing concern for border villages of Jannerus. Rauglan defends against these as well. Rauglan is often gone for weeks at a time and then will appear, in one of the towns, with a new scar and a monster's pelt or the equipment from a raiding party. He frequents Hearthtown, but visits every town at least twice a year. He seems always to be on the move. Because he protects livestock from wolves and other predators, the farmers of southeastern Jannerus love him and provide for him, whatever his needs.



Hearthtown is, by far, the friendliest community any traveler could hope to encounter. In this large, unwalled agricultural town, the weary traveler will find clean inns, crowded taverns, plentiful ale, a warm fire and some of the best home cooked dishes in the lands. Hearthtown has a definite sense of community in that most townsfolk know each other and are at least distantly related. This social atmosphere is especially apparent during a festival (which Hearthtown holds frequently). During such celebrations, everyone comes out to sample the latest brews, exchange hand-made crafts and feast. Outlanders are always welcome in Hearthtown (as long as they don’t start any trouble). The biggest such festival is the Summer Festival and includes a now-famous cook off which involves closely guarded secret recipes and fierce competition among the finest grumman chefs. Originally, this was a rabbit stew contest, but over the generations, the dish changes each year. From the simplest country inn to the most extravagant dining experience, the city prides itself on being a pleasure to the palette.

Planting Festival

Day and night are equal length. Official beginning of spring and summer.

Harvesting Festival

Day and night are equal length. Official beginning of autumn and winter.

City Districts


Monuments and Public Spaces


Architecture and Infrastructure

Street Lights

Each building has at least one small oil lantern on a post by the street. These are maintained by the local shop keepers and residents as a common courtesy to those who might be walking by. The lantern next to the front door signifies if the shop is open or not.




Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Description
Steel Gryphon
Christopher Tomas
Inn/Tavern - Truly a magnificent inn and tavern, and the oldest in Jannerus. The Steel Gryphon offers a wide variety of foods from all the lands. Something is offered for everyone here: commoners with a simpler taste and more modest means may enjoy a hearty serving of beef and fresh bread, while wealthier patrons are encouraged to enjoy the Spiced Vurriken with a side plate of the finest Normidian cheeses. The variety of drinkables is no less impressive: goldsmoke brandy, emerald wine from Cyrell, Gaithian brandy from the War Vale and Davidson's Best from Mercia can all be found here. Owned and operated by a spirited man and his eight sons and daughters, the inn is located at the crossed roads in the center of town. If "All roads pass through Hearthtown", as the saying goes, then all roads do indeed pass through The Steel Gryphon. Highly recommended. The Gryphon's proprietor, Christopher Tomas, is a quiet spoken human male, slender and with curly brown hair. He has a hint of grumman blood in him.
Farmers' Rest
Tavern - Farmer's Rest is a comfortable tavern on the outskirts of town, and is very aptly named. Many farmers and field hands will stop here after a hard day's labor, even if it's out of their way. Over the centuries, the pub has become the social center of the area's agricultural community. It has survived good years and bad years. Always, a working man can come here for a well-earned ale and a listening ear. Those who seek to hire or be hired for fieldwork will post notices on the large board by the bar. For those who don't read, the dwarven bartender Solarrs is a superb message keeper. Solarrs bought the tavern almost twenty years ago, with money he saved from a long career as a carpenter in Dunlyn. He's a very respected man, and is often called to Hearthtown council meetings to speak on behalf of the farmers.  
Happy Belly Inn
Eileen Rondun
Inn - What can be said about old Henry Rondun, beloved town drunk and supreme joke teller of the Grumman nations. The story is that Henry won the deed to the Happy Belly Inn in a card game in Drakkel. Not being one to settle down from his reckless youth, he nevertheless moved to Hearthtown and became an innkeeper. He married, had a daughter, and embraced his new role in life. He also embraced several of the new barmaids he'd hired to wait tables. His wife left him soon thereafter. Henry again started to enjoy a little too much of the good life, drinking too much, staying out all night, and getting in trouble with the law. He got drunker, fatter, and more carefree as the years went by, and soon had his inn closed by the city due to lack of maintenence. Hearthtown takes great pride in its public establishments and has its standards to keep. Luckily, his daughter Eileen, now a young adult, recently stepped in and bought him out. Eileen runs the the Happy Belly Inn now, and she alone has turned it into a respectable place. Henry is still to be found there on a daily basis, often inviting himself to join customers at their table to tell them his latest dwarf joke in between belches. Eileen tolerates her father's behavior (but only just barely..)because he means well and nobody seems to mind. His favorite joke: "How many dwarves does it take to hang up a tapestry?" "None! They can't reach it! They're not troll enough! Hahhahaha! Get it? Troll enough!   Haha, that one kills me! Buy me a drink?"
Setting Sun
Gambling Hall and Tavern - Hauler's notable gambling house is frequented by travelers from all over the country. Many fortunes are made and broken at this place, and Hauler is here to make sure the dealings are fair. He's almost a meter and a half tall (5 ft), huge for a grum, with scarred, muscular forearms and the intimidating gaze of an experienced warrior. Very few dare to cross him. Also, he serves a delightful roasted pheasant.
The Handsome House
Inn/Tavern/Gambling Hall - Located several kilometers outside of Heathtown, this large inn is perched upon an ancient and bloated oak tree, some 15 meters (50 ft) above the ground. A broad staircase encircles the tree leading up to the main entrance. This large inn is run by two families – one grumman and one elven – who are joined through marriage. The establishment has 5 large common rooms, 25 private rooms, two dining rooms, a large gambling hall, 4 private conference rooms and a large vault. At the Handsome House, they brew their own house ale. Between the two families and hired help, they have about 25 on the staff. A few other smaller establishments have developed on the ground around the Handsome House.



Name and Proprietor Description
Four Sons' Bakery
The Brothers Creggan
Bakery - This very popular Baker's shop is famous for its sweet honey-bread and toasted rolls. The brothers who run the shop do a lot of business preparing and packaging their bread specifically for road travelers. It doesn't go stale as quickly as normal provisions, and as the brothers claim, it "makes the most grueling journey seem as pleasant as a summer's day picnic." This may be true, but as many loyal customers know, there's no substitute for Four Sons' bread freshly baked, right out of the oven. Many Hearthtown citizens maintain that the thing they miss most when out traveling is having breakfast here, on the large oaken porch the brothers have out back, enjoying the gently rising suns. The four brothers are Tusk, Walker, Flicker and Thumbs. They run the bakery with their wives and children.
Tregor's Stable House
General Store and Stable House - Tregor, a peculiar half-elf, owns this general store and stable. He's usually pretty busy, especially during the holiday seasons. Stablers do well in Hearthtown because there's no major river nearby. It's either road travel or nothing. This suits Tregor just fine, because he's deathly afraid of boats. And don't misunderstand that sentence. He's not afraid of the water at all... in fact, he's an excellent swimmer. This man is absolutely scared to death of The mere thought of boats, ships, oars, sails, rigging, caulking, or anything that floats sends genuine shivers up and down his spine. One time, a group of adventurers went to him to see about some provisions, and when Tregor saw that two members of the group were dragging a canoe behind them, he fainted dead away on the spot. The neighbouring townsfolk think that he should talk to someone about this. They're just not sure who.
Gundren's Stone and Anvil
Smithy - This shop is run by an eight-foot tall ogre blacksmith by the name of Gundren. He's so unbelieveably strong and skilled that he can craft most simple items with but a few hammer strokes. But he plans to give it all up one day to follow his true passion in life- to open a fine restaurant. This is why he came to Jannerus, a country well known to appreciate this sort of thing. He figures he'll have enough money saved up by the end of the year to make his move. Meanwhile, when working at the forge he will insist that his customers make themselves comfortable while waiting for their metal to cool. Ever the good host, he will then wheel out a cart filled with the finest Normidian cheeses and herbal teas. He will always demand that they try the Fharkos Mushroom Salad, because he made that himself. He'll pour a cup of tea for everyone and ask which cheese they prefer with the Khenshire wheat cracker- the Rhantania or the Caldorian. He'll get so caught up in interrogating the customers about their favorite flavor of sutok that he'll often make them late for their next appointment. And most sensible folk know better than to interrupt a man who's bigger than their wagon. As a side observation, it is interesting to note that although Gundren's anvil-sized hands can easily crush the skull of a horse, he always sips from the teacup with his little finger extended.       
Fluttering Blossom
Rynos Grahame
Apothecary - Grum by birth, but raised in Kalimura, Rynos was banished from its capital city for the use of illegal magic. He relocated here not long ago, to more tolerant lands, and seems quite content. An interesting blend of technomancer and magician, Rynos conducts continual lab and field research from the back of his Apocathary. The Fluttering Blossom is staffed by several apprentices, or interns (as he calls them) and offers an incredible selection of local tobaccos. He makes quite a lot of money from his little shop, but it mostly gets eaten up by the research. Rynos is a pleasant, sociable, and fascinating man, and can often be found quickly making his way through town, important notes spilling out of his arms, leaving a scattered paper trail. He's never too busy to say hello to folks on the street, however. He's the only shopkeeper in town that never seems to be in his shop. 
Halfcoin's Fine Leather
Leather Shop and Tannery - Halfcoin runs this small establishment alone. He buys pelts from hunters and turns them into the finest leather goods. He is quite talented and makes a wide variety of goods - gloves, boots, saddles, whips, clothing and even leather armor. Halfcoin also has a gift for woodworking and often fashions very good longpipes which he sells. He fancies himself a connoisseur of fine tobaccos and other smoking herbs. He will accept fine tobacco for payment instead of coin. Halfcoin lives on the second story above his shop.
Crimson Shard

Jewelry Shop/Money Changer - Hearthtown's Jeweler and Money Changer is a well built three story stone house that operates by a grant given it by the government. The Crimson Shard operates primarily as a money changer and money lender. One can also pay to store valuables here. Sixprong is an elderly grum with a silvery beard and Kalimuran spectacles who oversees daily operations. He is also a master jeweler and appraiser. Jewelry, precious stones and works of art are occasionally bought, sold and stored here.


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